Treats to Go

Our motto on favors: “If you can eat or drink it, it’s worth it” Otherwise, skip the added cost because most likely guests will leave it behind or throw it away. Now, if you are giving away engraved Tiffany luggage tags, or Waterford Crystal paper weights, then that is another story. But, most brides don’t have the budget for something like that. What guests truly seem to love, is when they are offered special sweet treats, in addition to the cake, such as a candy buffet, truffles, a gourmet cookie bar, or specialty dessert. And, a lot of guests want to take the treat home, to enjoy later on. The wedding to-go boxes featured here can go beyond just M & M’s and truffles (although those are still great), and can be packed full with whatever you can dream of. The best thing to pack is your favorites as a couple. We have seen things like milk and cookies, cupcakes, Chips and Salsa, Bloody Mary’s and Cosmo’s, and even S’mores. We had one client that offered guests famous items from where they grew up, such as Chocolate Buckeyes, Local Beer, and homemade cookies. If you love candy but have too many favorites to choose from, then have a candy buffet with bags next to it so guests can pick and choose and bring home with them at the end of the night. Did you know Elite Events offers a candy buffet rental? Yep. we do! We can provide everything you need! Here is a photo of a candy/dessert table we did for a baby shower.

You can really make this buffet a decor element in your wedding, so have fun with it. These to-go boxes are also a great way to send your guests home with any of your delicious leftover wedding cake. Traditionally, this is what a groom’s cake was for – to send guests home with cake. After all that boogying, no matter what you choose, guests will sure appreciate these midnight snack thank you gifts.

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