Tips on planning a fabulous Graduation party on any budget: As seen on WNWO

Having a fabulous graduation party doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Using your
imagination, creativity and resourcefulness, you can throw a fabulous
graduation party on any budget.

What we have here are 5  suggestions to help make your 2012 graduation
party a fantastic fun-filled event for you and your friends:

 1: Decide on the theme/style for the party.

Many graduation parties have the obvious theme, graduation.

While most people usually choose  the theme to be the colors of the high school that the graduate is graduating from, why not change it up a bit and theme the party around the collage colors of the collage the graduate will be attending.

Or the graduates favorite colors. Or even  the graduates favorite hobby, golf, music you name it.

 2.  Set the tone of the party with the invitation, Have fun with it!

 Invitations are very important, they set the tone of what guests are to expect at the same
time helping them prepare for your event.

Sure, the invitation can be formal if you like. But you can also have fun with it,
here we have custom designed a few different invitations

One is written like a multiple choice test, a detention slip, or rolled up like a diploma.

 3. Unique Displays

Being that it is a graduation party more than likely you’re
going to want to show off your graduates accomplishments. This can be done very
easily and still coordinate with the theme of the party. The gift table is a
great location to display items like their high school diploma; or their
acceptance letter to college, maybe even some of their senior pictures. Pick up
some frames that coordinate with the color scheme of the party and display them
neatly on the table like we did here.

*Here we have also incorporated a unique card box alternative.  Lets face it, the majority of the gifts your graduate will receive will most likely be money, therefore you want to keep those cards safe and secure.    Keeping with the theme of the party, which is
the collage that this graduate will be attending, we customized this mailbox
with her schools logo and her name, so that it coordinated nicely with the rest
of the décor.

             4.  Details on Decorations:

Whatever decorations you choose, make sure they flow with the theme of the party, and
consider the location.

For example:  If your hosting an outdoor party, consider factors such as wind and rain, and plan the décor accordingly.  Keep centerpieces
Medium to low to prevent the chance of them being affected by wind.

Here we have 2 medium to low sized arrangements, both keeping with the color scheme of the party yet providing a bit of visual interest.  Remember, not every table has to have the same centerpiece. In fact utilizing 2-3 different styles and height arrangements featuring the same flowers, helps to keep your eye moving throughout the space and tends to be more visually appealing.

Get a big bang for your buck with colored table linens.  It is amazing how much impact a color table linen can make. Cloth linens and napkins really rich-en the look of any party.  These can be rented from your local party planner or party rental company.

Don’t forget the ceiling! While most people tend to overlook decorating the ceiling of a room or tent, for a nominal fee, you get a huge impact.  We love paper lanterns, they are relatively inexpensive, easy to hang and are another way to bring color into the space!

 5. Make Memories with a Time Capsule Guest Book

 If you’ve been to a graduation party before I’m sure you have signed a framed photo of the graduate, or a guest book, graduation hat with your well wishes for the graduate.
What we have here is a creative alternative to the traditional guest
book: a time capsule.

   How it works:

Ask each guest to bring an item to place in the time capsule, have them write a little note that accompanies each item.  For our time capsule table we also provided little note cards with questions already printed on them that guests could fill out and place in the capsule:

Items in our capsule:

Favorite CD that this guest and the graduate use to listen to

Concert tickets from a concert that a guest and the graduate attended together

Photo of the graduate and 2 of the guests

Cards with the following questions:

Fondest Memory of Veronica:

Predictions for Veronica for the next 10 years

You can really have a lot of fun with this one!

The most important thing to remember in planning any summer party is to plan ahead.  If you give yourself proper time to prepare, you will save money, have a wider selection of items to choose from for your event and be less stressed, because your not having to do everything last minute.

Inspirationally Yours,


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