Tips on Looking Fabulous in your Wedding Photos

Allyson Tscherne one of our Elite Events assistants took the time to write this fabulous blog to help you prepare for your wedding photos. Hope you enjoy!

Wedding photos capture the memories of your day so you can relive them for years to come. Many factors go into making sure your photos turn out to be exactly what you hoped they would be. I asked local photographers what they suggest to make sure your pictures turn out fabulously. This is what they had to say:

Be organized.

Have a timeline, and go over it with your photographer. This allows your photographer to come up with an itinerary of the timeline. You can then pass this information onto all whowill be involved in the photos to ensure everyone is ready and where they need to be in order to allow enough time to get all the photos done. (Serendipity Photography)


Know what you want.

Make a list for your photographer of what, during your day, is most important to you
to have captured. This just makes sure the photographer gets all of your most
important shots throughout the day. (Schooler Photography)

Know your photographer.

Pick a photographer who you can see yourself being friends with; if you feel you can hang out with them all day then you will be able to laugh and relax. (Wellspring Photography)

Trust your photographer.

They are as successful and sought after as they are for a reason. If you trust them with posing and any suggestions they give you, from the best time of day to schedule your shoot, to clothing options, you will have amazing pictures. (JP Photography)

Listen to the professionals you’ve chosen.

Be sure to ask your consultant at your dress shop what would look best on your body type. Just because strapless is trendy does not mean it will look good. Be willing to try on what your consultant suggests. You may think it’s ‘not your style’ but if it fits your body and makes you feel special, somehow it becomes your style. (Wellspring Photography)

It’s all about the light.

A location for your portraits may look like it could make for great photos because of the background or area, but if the lighting isn’t great during the specific time of day you’ll be doing photos, it just won’t work…Discuss with your photographer, locations that will provide the best light available during portrait time and lends itself to a great photogenic setting that compliments your wedding day. (Mary Wyar Photography)

Do an engagement session.

It’s a great ‘trial run’ to experiment with different angles and techniques, so the bride and groom can see what styles the photographer uses and see what they are comfortable with. It’s also a good idea to show samples of what kind of pictures you do and don’t like. (Serendipity Photography)

Be careful tanning.

Sometimes the camera picks up a lot more ‘orange’ than tan. Instead of tan, you look more like an ‘oompa loompah’, especially if your sweetie isn’t the same shade as you. (JP Photography)

Have your hair and makeup professionally done.

Hire a professional to do your hair and makeup for your engagement session as well as your wedding day. Even though you might be afraid to trust someone else, they will make you look as beautiful as you want to feel that day. You can always do trials before the big day. After all, you should be pampered that day! (JP Photography) Nothing is worse than having to spend hours [editing] retouching a bride’s false eyelash that was hanging off all day because they weren’t applied properly. A professional makeup artist will know to use the right products and applications to have a bride (and bridesmaids) face looking flawless. (Mary Wyar Photography)

Have a ‘Swag Rag’.

Sweaty photos are never good so make sure to keep a rag close by to keep yourself dry. Remember not to wipe yourself, but dab or blot so you keep your makeup looking fresh as long as possible. (Nick Amrhein, 3byONE Media)

Do a ‘first look’.

All Mary Wyar Photography couples do all of their portraits before the ceremony so everyone looks their best. Do all of your photos when everything is it’s freshest and everyone looks their best. You won’t regret it.  (Mary Wyar Photography)

Be Yourself.

Show your personality in photos. Don’t just try to smile. Be goofy, wear sunglasses, or dance…Be natural. (Nick Amrhein, 3byONE Media)


Try to get the wedding party photos done and then have them go inside or to the limo so the bride and groom have time to relax. This allows for a private, quiet time for the new couple to have a romantic moment without the rowdy wedding party nearby. Show emotion and love, this will show through in the images. (Serendipity Photography)

Have fun.

Sometimes people get stressed out and nervous on their wedding day and it shows in
pictures. It also shows when the bride and groom are happy and having a good time. Be silly and enjoy yourself. (Schooler Photography)

Inspirationally Yours,


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