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When the weather is as beautiful as it has been, all I feel like doing is being outside with my friends and family. With the fourth of July right around the corner as well as possibly a summer birthday or even graduation party you too, may be considering throwing a party of your own in your backyard.  While this may initially seem like a easy fun filled task there are some things you SHOULD put some thought into before you start inviting all of your friends, family, and neighbors over for that bash.

Organize your ideas.  Begin by:

1. Determine what type of party do you want to have.

Is it going to formal vs. informal are you going to limit it to just close friends and family or is it going to include co-workers, friends of friends, neighbors etc.

2. Decide who and how many people you want to invite.

Determining your guest list and guest count is extremely important because it is going to assist you in determining your budget and location for your party. Which can be two of the most difficult tasks in the planning process.

3. Once you’ve established your guest list, it’s time to create a budget and be REALISTIC!

Regardless what type of party your hosting, every party needs to have a budget, at least as a preliminary guide.

*here is a tool that you can use to keep track of your estimated budget vs. actual costs

4. Use a checklist.

Checklists are a very handy tool in staying organized and making sire you have thought of everything, and lets face it, It sure feels good to cross things off a list! Below you will find a checklist that should prove to be helpful when planning your party.

5.  Things to consider when hosting a party at your home:

~Restrooms, can your current septic system accommodate all of your guests, if not, you may want to consider renting a portable restroom for your event.  These have come a long way, and can be very nice, with large sinks, granite counters, even air conditioning.

~ Parking, where are all of your guests going to park?  Are you able to park on the street? If you live in a subdivision are their rules against parking in your yard, street etc?

~Home Owners Insurance.  If you are having a large party at your home, you may want to contact your home owners insurance and have them put a temporary umbrella clause into your policy for the day of your party in the event to protect you in the event that anyone gets injured on your property.

~ Is there a noise or dance.  One thing you should do when hosting a party outside is find out what the noise ordnance is, and how late the party/music is permitted?  This is something you will be glad you researched before the day of the party possibly preventing a visit from your local Police.

~ Rentals: Backyard parties are great in that they are a blank canvas, and the sky is the limit.  However, you do need to consider that you will need to be bringing in tables, chairs, lighting, possibly tents, etc. to accommodate this type of party in your backyard.  These are defiantly additional costs that will need to be factored into that budget we discussed earlier.

6. Food, is always important.  Planning what kind of food your going to be serving at your next party doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Make it easier on yourself by catering your party or organizing a pot luck where friends and family bring a dish to create a diverse buffet.  Consider finger foods! They are great for outdoor events.  You can offer a variety of foods, most of them do not require silverware, and they are typically easy to eat just about anywhere!

We hope this food for thought, will help you in planning your next summer party.  For any additional questions, feel free to contact us!

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