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I do not know about you, but when I am not working or with my family I love to indulge myself in a little reality TV.  What can I say it is a guilty pleasure of mine, and what reality TV show could be better than all of the various Kardashian shows? If you are like me and you happen to watch them as wel,l you probably already know that Kim’s lavish wedding is quickly approaching….. TODAY!!! I’m not sure about you but I could not be more excited!  In honor of  Kim’s fabulous nuptials I thoughts it would be the perfect time to do  a blog post on some of the detail we expect to see on her big day.

I cant wait to dish on the details!!

It all begins with the Engagement!

The Proposal
So how does one propose to Kim Kardashian? According to Kim via: her interview on the Tonight show:
 at the end of a “totally random day” Kim arrived home to what seemed to be an empty house. However, when she opened her bedroom door she found Kris waiting for her on bended knee, candles everywhere, and he’d spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” in red rose petals on her big white rug. Awww. How cute is that?!

And did Kim wait until “month two” to give him an answer? Of course not! She said yes without hesitation.

The Ring

Let’s first dish on that Fabulous ring of hers! The $2 million Kim Kardashian engagement ring sure turns a lot of heads! The 20.5 carat platinum ring features a 16.5-carat emerald cut center stone placed between two 2-carat trapezoids. The ring is specially designed by Lorraine Schwartz who is not only a jewelry designer but is also a friend of Kim’s. She worked hard to make the perfect Kim Kardashian engagement ring.

There are supposedly two passages of scripture inscribed on the ring. Each of these are special to each Kim and Kris. The Kim Kardashian engagement ring was shown off to the photographers shortly after the news was broke by Kim and Kris. It seems that she was very proud of her ring and who wouldn’t be happy to show of a $2 million dollar ring?

The Invitation

As we all know, nobody (royal families excluded) throws a wedding like a Kardashian,I’m not sure about you, but I  and E! News has obtained a copy of the holy grail invite, sent out, as per tradition, by Kris Jenner and step-papa extraordinaire Bruce.

And yes, you can finally mark your calendars: In addition to the all-important dress code, the invitation also finally reveals the official when and where of Kim and Kris Humphries’ I-dos…

I absolutelty LOVE her invitation!

The couple’s wedding invitations were designed by Lehr & Black, who also created invites for Kim’s sister Khloe and her husband Lamar Odom, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, and Fergie and Josh Duhamel, among others.
The invite, which arrived at guests’ homes housed inside its own box, is embellished with hundreds of jet black hematite crystals.
The couple got engaged in a most elaborate fashion on May 18, complete with a 20.5-carat engagement ring.
“It was everything I ever dreamt of and more,” Kardashian has said. “I think when you know … you know.”

Can I just say I LOVE her monogram and the  black hematite crystals, not a single detail was overlooked!

The Dress:
The Dress: Kim has reportedly already spoken with Vera Wang about designing her bridal gown. Kim wants something “simple and elegant,” according to Hollywood Life. As for the color? Given that her wedding color scheme is silver, cream, white and black, we’re betting Kim will go with a dress in classic white or cream.
The Guest List: Oh, you know. Just the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Snooki, and Kelly Osbourne, not to mention Kim’s gigantic fam. No biggie, right? (Okay, we are starting to see some similarities to the royal wedding here…)
The Ceremony: Stepdad Bruce Jenner will walk Kim down the aisle. Awww! But to pay homage to her late father, Kim will bring in some Armenian food and dance. Yum!
Similarities to Khloe’s Wedding: Yes, this deserves its own category. Kim’s dress will be designed by Vera Wang – the same design team who decked out Khloe’s wedding party. Celebrity event planner Donnie Brown also predicts Kim will have white roses from South America, red-velvet cupcakes and a flock of white doves unveiled at the end – just like Khloe. Let us also mention: The wedding will be televised.
The Bridesmaids: Okay, obviously Kim will have Khloe and Kourtney at her bootylicious backside when she becomes Mrs. Humphries. “I would assume that we would both be maids of honor,” Khloe tells People. Kourtney jokes:  ”We’re assuming, because otherwise there would be a war.” Actually, Kourtney’ probably isn’t joking.
Either way, here’s hoping everything goes according to plan! (Although Kim going all Bridezilla would be quite entertaining. And great for ratings. Yeah. We went there.)

The  Cake

When your Kim Kardashian where do you shop for your wedding cake.  With fabulous cake artisans located all over the Los Angeles area.

The Duchess of Reality TV and her beau, Kris Humphries, reportedly visited Hansen’s Cakes on July 29 for a cake tasting. The two eventually decided on a ten-tier white cake with chocolate-chip icing and black-and-white decorations for their August 20 wedding. But an insider revealed that despite the black-and-white design, “Kim wants it to resemble Prince William and Duchess Kate’s!” (In case you forgot about that cake, you can check it out here.)

Khloe has already said it’s “going to be royal wedding number two,” and indeed, considering her own 2009 wedding was watched by an estimated 3.2 million viewers on TV, Kim’s wedding could certainly pull in more.

The Flowers

While most of the details of Kim’s wedding are over-the-top and impractical for the average bride, her flower choices are down to earth. According to Life&Style, Kim’s “favorite flowers are gardenia, jasmine, and tuberose.” Kim also revealed that she loved Khloe’s all-white bouquet. (Khloe is Kim’s sister who married Lamar Odom in 2009.)

Maybe she will decide to select arranements including White anemones with black centers….somthing similar to these beauitful arrangements..

Their Registry

So what do 2 people who seem to have everything actually register for you might ask….

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries registered for wedding gifts at luxury goods store Gearys in Beverly Hills — and they want everything from a $43 butter spreader to a $6500 vase!


If you were wondering what to get Kim and Kris for their upcoming nuptials, HollywoodLife has found their registry! Among the items the couple are hoping to receive — Hermes dinnerware, Baccarat stemware and Buccellati flatware!

They definitely have expensive tastes! A Christofle sugar bowl on the list will set you back $710!

Other gifts include:

An Osiris Butter Spreader — $43

A Baccarat Missouri Candy Bowl — $375

A Cunill Galaxy Sterling Frame — $470

A Saint James Silver Baba Vacaro Bowl — $330

A Lalique Tourbillon Black Vase — $6500

A Baccarat Eye Large Vase — $950

A Baccarat Missouri Jam Jar — $380

A Baccarat Missouri Mustard Jar — $175

A Moser Bar Bowl — $140

A Lalique Black New York Clock — $1115

A Lalique Cactus Flacon #2 — $450

A Lalique Ingrid Black Vase — $4625

An Hermes Balcon Du Guadalquivir Black Bread & Butter Plate # 1 — $105

An Hermes Balcon Du Guadalquivir Black Bread Plate #4 — $105

A Buccellati Torchon Salad Serving Spoon — $880

A William Yeoward Country Martini Glass — $46



To celebrate her upcoming nuptials, Kim Kardashian has released a limited-edition fragrance, “Love” by Kim Kardashian.

Only 1,000 bottles have been produced—one for Kim to wear on her wedding day, 200 for her bridal shower, and 799 available for purchase. The cost? $100.

It’s described as a “soft, feminine scent” that “opens with top notes of sparkling red currant, pink freesia and star jasmine. A heart of French mimosa, rare Egyptian tuberose, and rose absolute orpur eases into a rich background of sensual musk, creamy sandalwood, and orris butter”.

“I used to think falling in love was the most incredible feeling,” said Kim Kardashian in a release. “But now I see there’s nothing more special than the enduring beauty of building a life with your other half and watching your love grow, each and every day.”

The best part is the packaging. The bottle itself is reminiscent of an engagement ring and is embellished with 450 sparkly stones. It’s presented in a case inspired by a ring box. And each bottle numbered and signed by Kim.

The Wedding Planner 

ET’s Samantha Harris talked to celebrity wedding planner Sharon Sacks about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ upcoming wedding, and the wedding planner to the stars who has planned weddings for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, John Stamos, Khloe Kardashian and now Kim Kardashian, promises it will be beyond any of our wildest expectations.

 “Kim and Kris’s wedding is going to be the wedding of the century,” Sacks says.” There will be things happening at this wedding that have never happened before … ever. Wait and see, it will set the trends for the brides-to-be.”

And is Kim the typical bridezilla? According to Sacks, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Media Coverage


Kims Fairytail Wedding “a Kardashian Event” will air in a 2 part segment on October 9-10. 

I couldnt be happier for two people in LOVE, I wish the very best for Kim & Kris for a lifetime of happiness!

Inspirationally Yours,


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