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Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens!

We are excited to announce we have added fairy gardens and fairy garden accessories to our boutique.  As a very detail oriented company fairy gardens are right up our alley.  I’m sure most of you have seen a fairy garden or two, here are some fun facts about fairy gardens that you may or may not know.

It all starts with the container.  Show your personality off with the type of container you select then build upon it. Containers of all shapes and sizes are prime real estate for Fairy Gardens.  Here are a few containers that we love.



birdbath9Photo 1

Photo 2Photo 3

 New to fairy gardens or gardening? You don’t have to be intimidated with the elaborate layouts and accessories, START SMALL.  We suggest maybe a basket, or planter box.  They are portable and won’t require a lot of plants or accessories.  The “Fairy Garden Architects” create small houses and accessories from natural materials. Some of the accessories that we have include: benches, wheel barrows, table set, bridges, stone walkways, fences, arches, houses, and the fairies themselves. Not every gardener places little stone fairies in their garden, but instead likes to suggest that the fairies are out and about and could return at any moment. Feel free to complete your garden with a small figurine fairy to pull it all together.

67108photo 5

Fairy gardens are easy for beginners because caring for them is pretty simple. Putting succulents in your fairy garden creates a stable environment that does not need a lot of water or extra attention. Use low creeping plants that cover the ground as fairy “lawns.” Some fairy gardens are for the indoors only, with plants, such as, succulents and mosses; but some fairy gardens can be outdoors with more extravagant flowers and plants.

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Get the whole family involved! Fairy gardens are a fun activity that you can do with your kids! HAVE FUN!