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Surprise Party

Its always a pleasure when you build lasting relationships with your clients and are able to work with them to plan all of the memorable occasions in their family.  From graduations to surprise birthday parties, its always an honor.  I met Alan several years ago when he contacted me about planning a surprise birthday party for his wife Michele.  We had a blast planning it and she was beyond surprised, so when it came time for Alans 60th birthday Michele wanted to return the favor and contacted us.  We couldn’t have been more excited to pull off a surprise party for Alan.

In our initial meeting with Michele she told us a little more about Alans interests.  Not only is he a Kidney doctor which we already knew, but he is a lover of sci-fi, old Hollywood style and a lover of movies.  With this in mind we wanted the décor and feel for the event to be very chic and masculine without being cliché. Therefore, we went with a masculine yet sophisticated color scheme of Black, Silver and burgundy.  We pulled in different patterns and textures to bring depth and interest to the style of the event.  The greek key linen was one of our favorites.   That combined with Crinkle taffeta and satin linens with the punch of red in the napkins and flowers, really set the tone for an upscale birthday party.

Guests were treated to a plated dinner, dancing and an open bar.

Other special touches of the event included a wish tree that the guests were able to write “scripts” /wishes  for the birthday boy.  The photobooth is always a big hit with this family so we knew this party would not be complete without it and what party would be complete without desserts.  Not only was there birthday cake but several different dessert options that the guests could choose from.

The most difficult part of the planning was keeping the party a surprise, because all of Alans friends, family and colleagues were attending.   However, the surprise was a success and he couldn’t have been happier.  Thank you Michele, Alan and family, it was a sincere pleasure being a part of such a special day. Happy Birthday!

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Our New Place: BEFORE

Welcome to our NEW storefront located at 1113 Adams street in downtown Toledo!

Many of you may have been surprised when we announced the opening of our new storefront at the beginning of this year.  Truth be told it has been a life long dream of mine to own my own store :) Although I LOVED our previous studio that we built out specifically for my business in our home basement, I have been on the hunt for a couple years now for the perfect space that the general public could come to visit and see in person all of the fabulous services and products we have to offer.

Being at the right place at the right time is what landed us here.  I actually went to look at a different location which was owned by the same owner and he happened to show us this space that was not even on the market.  Needless to say I am so glad he did because it was LOVE at first sight!

The inside needed quite a bit of work-but we were up for the job!

I LOVED the exposed brick, the original hardwood floors and the ceiling height was to die for!

After lots and lots of space planning, i finally determined that this is where the office is going to be :)  It has great natural light from the large front windows and is in the front so i can easily greet clients and customers.

 The previous tenants used it as a art gallery/storage

Our amazing handyman refinished this piece and made it beautiful again for the shop.

We built a variety of things but only a few are shown below: a wall dividing the boutique from our floral design area, a built in shelving unit for our stationary, and  two display units for our inventory.

Wallpaper is up!!

We installed the new lights and began slowly getting our furniture moved in

I have been working on our PRESS wall forever, I cant wait to finally hang all of our events that have been featured in national publications!!

We are SO excited for our next post-our FINISHED studio! It looks fabulous!