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2017 Trending Wedding Themes

Hello  brides to be ! Are you planning your 2017 wedding?  Well we have some hot inspiration for you on whats hott this wedding season. They are all chic, sophisticated, fresh and completely fabulous! Take a look and be inspired.

One of the biggest trends for year 2016,  was the greenery and garden feel, and it will still be popular in 2017. Everything from eucalyptus garlands to floral headpieces.  There is something just dreamy and timeless about greenery.  The texture speaks for itself.  This would be specifically exquisite for a country club or outdoor wedding.



Neutrals and Metallic s are still trending. Who doesn’t love Golds, silvers and Blushes!  These accents have been making a huge statement and we LOVE it!

elegant-silver-and-ivory-neutral-wedding-colors-for-2017-wedding-trendsNeutrals and Natural/Rustic elements are still hanging on. However, we love that the barn rustic feel is going more to the waist side and brides are choosing to pair more elegant materials and fabrics and softer colors with the neutral palette.  

We LOVE the watercolor trend. It’s very whimsical and romantic. Love the bit of texture it adds as well. unique-pink-DIY-watercolor-wedding-inspiration

Boho is a hot one!  The word “Bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy,” and it applies to those who live unconventional (usually artistic) lives.  The Style lends itself to very diverse elements. The organic design of the floral arrangements and the mixture of patterns is a great example of this as well as the colorful color palette.  LOVE the Tee Pee lounge space and the way they incorporated various tapestries into the wedding ceremony! vibrant-colorlful-bohemian-wedding-inspiration

Geod and Agate Theme. This is one of my favorites.  It really does appear that 2017 is the year for all things natural,  Geods, crystals and Agates are no exception.  They have such wonderful texture and colors which make them a perfect design inspiration.  750225dd66b34fe123cf8c34320cf1b3

Well, what do you think? What design tends do you forecast for 2017? https://canadian-pharm365.com

Surprise Party

Its always a pleasure when you build lasting relationships with your clients and are able to work with them to plan all of the memorable occasions in their family.  From graduations to surprise birthday parties, its always an honor.  I met Alan several years ago when he contacted me about planning a surprise birthday party for his wife Michele.  We had a blast planning it and she was beyond surprised, so when it came time for Alans 60th birthday Michele wanted to return the favor and contacted us.  We couldn’t have been more excited to pull off a surprise party for Alan.

In our initial meeting with Michele she told us a little more about Alans interests.  Not only is he a Kidney doctor which we already knew, but he is a lover of sci-fi, old Hollywood style and a lover of movies.  With this in mind we wanted the décor and feel for the event to be very chic and masculine without being cliché. Therefore, we went with a masculine yet sophisticated color scheme of Black, Silver and burgundy.  We pulled in different patterns and textures to bring depth and interest to the style of the event.  The greek key linen was one of our favorites.   That combined with Crinkle taffeta and satin linens with the punch of red in the napkins and flowers, really set the tone for an upscale birthday party.

Guests were treated to a plated dinner, dancing and an open bar.

Other special touches of the event included a wish tree that the guests were able to write “scripts” /wishes  for the birthday boy.  The photobooth is always a big hit with this family so we knew this party would not be complete without it and what party would be complete without desserts.  Not only was there birthday cake but several different dessert options that the guests could choose from.

The most difficult part of the planning was keeping the party a surprise, because all of Alans friends, family and colleagues were attending.   However, the surprise was a success and he couldn’t have been happier.  Thank you Michele, Alan and family, it was a sincere pleasure being a part of such a special day. Happy Birthday!

 Photos by Yvonne-103 Photos by Yvonne-107 Photos by Yvonne-112 Photos by Yvonne-113 Photos by Yvonne-118 Photos by Yvonne-124 Photos by Yvonne-127 Photos by Yvonne-130 Photos by Yvonne-131 Photos by Yvonne-143 Photos by Yvonne-151 Photos by Yvonne-154 Photos by Yvonne-162 Photos by Yvonne-165 Photos by Yvonne-166 Photos by Yvonne-167 Photos by Yvonne-168 Photos by Yvonne-173 Photos by Yvonne-174 Photos by Yvonne-204 Photos by Yvonne-313 Photos by Yvonne-322 Photos by Yvonne-368 Photos by Yvonne-458 Photos by Yvonne-459 Photos by Yvonne-473 Photos by Yvonne-475 Photos by Yvonne-489 Photos by Yvonne-496

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens!

We are excited to announce we have added fairy gardens and fairy garden accessories to our boutique.  As a very detail oriented company fairy gardens are right up our alley.  I’m sure most of you have seen a fairy garden or two, here are some fun facts about fairy gardens that you may or may not know.

It all starts with the container.  Show your personality off with the type of container you select then build upon it. Containers of all shapes and sizes are prime real estate for Fairy Gardens.  Here are a few containers that we love.



birdbath9Photo 1

Photo 2Photo 3

 New to fairy gardens or gardening? You don’t have to be intimidated with the elaborate layouts and accessories, START SMALL.  We suggest maybe a basket, or planter box.  They are portable and won’t require a lot of plants or accessories.  The “Fairy Garden Architects” create small houses and accessories from natural materials. Some of the accessories that we have include: benches, wheel barrows, table set, bridges, stone walkways, fences, arches, houses, and the fairies themselves. Not every gardener places little stone fairies in their garden, but instead likes to suggest that the fairies are out and about and could return at any moment. Feel free to complete your garden with a small figurine fairy to pull it all together.

67108photo 5

Fairy gardens are easy for beginners because caring for them is pretty simple. Putting succulents in your fairy garden creates a stable environment that does not need a lot of water or extra attention. Use low creeping plants that cover the ground as fairy “lawns.” Some fairy gardens are for the indoors only, with plants, such as, succulents and mosses; but some fairy gardens can be outdoors with more extravagant flowers and plants.

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Get the whole family involved! Fairy gardens are a fun activity that you can do with your kids! HAVE FUN!


Chic Engagement Party

We hope you all had a fabulous Holiday! We had the sincere pleasure of designing and coordinating a lovely engagement party! We hope you enjoy the fabulous pics! We cant wait for their wedding that’s for sure!


Roughly 80 of Bill and Glens closest friends and family joined them in celebrating their engagement in style, with a chic cocktail party downtown Toledo complete with fabulous food from Registry Bistro, music by 56 Daze and decor by Elite Events. registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-01 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-02 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-03 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-04 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-05 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-06 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-07 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-08 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-09 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-10 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-11 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-12 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-13 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-14 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-15 registry bistro wedding photos elite events mager designs-16Mary Wyar did an amazing job capturing the details of the event. The black and pewter color scheme  with pops of red accents complimented the space nicely, and the lighting put the perfect finishing touches on the event!  One of my favorite features of the party were the AMAZING table linens and the modern floral arrangements! It was a pleasure putting this party together CONGRATULATIONS Bill & Glen! https://canadadrugs24.com/

Stationery Designed by : Elite Events

Florals: Elite Events: Sharon Johnson

Linens: Elite Events

Chairs: Chiavari Chair Toledo

Food: Registry Bistro

Band: 56 Daze

Photography: Mary Wyar : www.Marywyar.com

Venue: Secor Building Ballroom

NEW CLASS I Paint n’ Pour I Septemeber 30th

Paint and Pour class


We are excited to announce a NEW CLASS being offered at our STUDIO

Please join us and Tana from Alley Cat Art Studio

Paint n’pour class- Birds on a wire

Cost is $40.00 per person

*Must email nikki@eliteeventstoledo.com to register

Includes all supplies, as well as light snacks and refreshments

Feel free to bring an alcholic beverage of your choice.

Registration deadine: Friday Sept 26th