Staying organized this Holiday Season ~as seen on WNWO

Under cover Holiday Messes and Distresses

When you are hosting a holiday party friends and family bring with them wonderful things like: smiles and gifts. They also bring not so wonderful things like: slushy muddy shoes and hats and scarves. After you have spent so much time preparing your home for the holiday party the last thing you want to do is find mud stains on your carpet the next day or make your guests feel uncomfortable taking their shoes off outside. Our solution is to:

  • Extend your entrance way by laying holiday mats end to end inside your home to protect your floors from muddy shoes as guests step through the door.

elite events toledo DIY entrance Mat

Make it easy ro accommodate the extra traffic in your home around the holidays.  Use baskets to store visitors hats and gloves.

  • These festive baskets can be placed at the floor of your coat closet for all of your guests hats and gloves

Another undercover holiday mess is wrapping paper and decoration. During the Holidays your house looks festive and fun but when the holiday has past, how do you safely store your items so that you can reuse them for years to come?

I like to collect ribbons, boxes and wrapping paper throughout the year and even try to reuse many of the same items time and again but storing them took up way to much closet space. This gift wrapping hanging organizer was the perfect solution, now items that used to take up a good portion of my closet fit inside this organizer.

Everyone receives delicate ornaments as gifts and they usually all come inside individually wrapped boxes that can take up lots of space. This ornament organizer safely stores and protects ornaments and is easy to store.

elite events toledo ornament organizer

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