Lauren & Jeff 03.20.10

Another Black, White and Green Wedding for Elite Events!

Black White & Green, Really should be our Theme :) We had the
privileged of unveiling this beautiful color scheme at the 2009
Sounds of Music Bridal Show and were lucky enough to
implement it in August of 2009 and here it is again in March

Lauren and Jeff are an amazing couple. I met Lauren shortly after the
Bridal Show and was smitten with her from the start. Her and her
mother Nancy were so sweet and had a beautiful vision for this beautiful
wedding day. I was so excited to be a part of the planning process and
assisting them pull it all together. Being a part of Lauren and Jeff’s wedding
was an honor. It was a fun and easy day, lots of smiles and laughs and
wonderful details. The day began with a early morning brunch, then off to
the salon at the hotel, dressed at the church, a first look down the aisle
(this is when the bride and groom will see each other prior to the ceremony)
(sarah j. photography) then laid back photos downtown. Then of course back
to the church for the ceremony and off tho the reception at the country club.

Here are some pictures of the fabulous event! Courtesy of Sarah J. Photography

Thank you Lauren and Jeff for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your very special day!
Congratulations and best wishes to a happy life together!

Reception Site: Sylvania Country Club

Florist: Emery’s

Bakery: Eastons

Photographer: Sarah j. Photography

Coordinator: Elite Events

Inspirationally Yours,


One thought on “Lauren & Jeff 03.20.10

  1. Lauren

    Thanks Nikki!! We loved working with you and having you there to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible! ~Lauren


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