How to throw the Ultimate Superbowl Party~As seen on WNWO

Superbowl parties are one of the top home parties of the year.  Whether you’re planning a Super Bowl party out of love for the game or just the desire to host a fun, relaxing party, were here to share some tips for making this a super bash:

Consider your Space

 Having a good seat to watch the game #1 priority.  Put some time and thought into creating a seating area that gives each guest a GREAT view.

 Move unwanted  furniture into another room and consider getting additional
couches and chairs from furniture rental stores like rent a center or aarons.

Place any valuables that may get broken in a safe place and have a plan for your pets
so your guests and your pets stay comfortable

If you can’t make it to the superbowl bring the stadium to you! Build inexpensive and easy stadium seating for your party.

1. You will need a 4×4 sheet of plywood, 16 milk
crates, and a few sandbags.

Lay the milk crates flat and place the plywood over top of them. To add support place sand bags on the corners front and back of the plywood. Then place a rug over your platform, line tailgating chairs in front and on top of the platform and you have created your very own stadium seating!

For optimal viewing display a television or 2. Rent that large flat screen or projector you have had your eye on.  Stream the game in every room your guests will use. Laptops in the bathroom, Ipads in the kitchen, you don’t want them to miss a minute of the game! Let your guests know if there is a delay from one room to the next so that the group in the kitchen doesn’t ruin the next play for the group in the living room.

  Photobooth Fun

 Make memories with a photobooth! All you need is a blank wall, Polaroid
camera and Some fun superbowl appropriate props like: foam fingers, pom poms,
and a football, then encourage your guests to have fun taking turns posing and
snapping photos!

Party Swag 

 Offer guests official superbowl party swag! Our friends at Mr. Emblem on Navarre ave in Oregon created these custom shirts for us, if you order today they can have them ready for you just in time for the party!


 Encourage interaction and incorporate the non football fans with a game of Half time commercial Bingo! Before the game starts have guests chip in $5 for a bingo sheet. Tell them to write down all the things they might see during the commercials, like the                e-trade baby, a gecko , bud light, the old spice guy etc. the first to bingo wins the money!

 Create a fun and easy Food Display:

  No one wants to sit down at a table to eat and miss the action, so Plan simple, portable foods and create a food station.

  For our display We took traditional tailgate treats and displayed them in ways our guests can easily hold and snack throughout the party. We created bleachers for our sliders, were made from green flower foam, the toothpick footballs hold everything together and look festive while this checkered paper soaks up any grease.  Other items include Chicken bites
ordered from your favorite place Luckies Barn & Grill , carrot celery ranch cups and Popcorn which is a fast snack that will look great in festive bags.

The decorative field goal was a quick and easy project that cost only a few bucks and created quite an impactful focal point!

  Celebrate the NFL with these custom cookies and top your whole display off with Patriots and Giants helmet cake pops which are all made by Janes Cakes located in Perrysburg. These adorable tasty details will impress all your guests.

  Plan on plenty of beverages. With all of those beer commercials bombarding your guests, they’ll be working up a strong thirst for the suds, so order a keg a head of time to make clean up simple.

To prevent guests using more than one cup place sticker numbers that look like the numbers on players jerseys in the center of your plastic cups. This will help guests keep track of where they placed there drink and add a fun element as well!

 Lastly Have lots of paper towels, napkins and rug cleaner handy for messes created during exciting plays.

We hope these tips have inspired to to throw your very own fun and festive superbowl party! Enjoy the game!

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