Gumdrops & Lollipops Candy Galore! You'll Love What We Have In Store! ~ Isabella's 3rd Birthday

I can’t believe my sweet daughter turned 3 years old!  To be
honest being a mom is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, but this little
peanut just melts my heart just about every single day! Each year I am blessed
with the opportunity to throw her a very special party, this year I thought I
would surprise Miss Isabella and theme her birthday around all of her favorite

From our first trip to Disney world when her daddy bought her first lollipop, Isabella has been asucker for suckers! She loves them, knowing this, what more appropriate candy
to inspire her invitations than just that, a swirl lollipop! Using the swirl
lollipop as my inspiration I created a custom die cut invitation that resembled
that of an actual multicolored swirl lollipop.

In the eyes of a designer, Invitations are very important, as they are
the first impression that your guests have into what type of event your will be
hosting.  In this case, Candy Galore!!!!

 The color scheme was influenced by the various colors found in candy: Pinks, greens, yellows, purples etc.  As the guests approached
the party they were greeted by a walkway adorned with handmade lollipops that I
had made, along with colored lanterns that I had wrapped in cellophane to
resemble hard candies which hung from this beautiful tree that provided shade
over the patio where the party took place.

For Décor:  obviously I wanted to incorporate candy,
therefore I utilized another one of Bella’s favorite sweets , GUMBALLS,  I created my own gumball machines using flower pots, various wooden elements, glass bubble bowls as well as some paint, and voila a gumball machine perfect for a centerpiece.
For the second centerpiece I utilized a low lying square glass vase that
I filled with gumballs and accented it with a cardboard #3 since she was turning
3 years old! Each place setting was anchored with a colored napkin that was
wrapped with a custom napkin ring and accented with a lollipop for each
guest.  I opted for various colors for the plastic-ware more kid friendly and also coordinating with our color scheme
(win win)

What children’s birthday party would be complete without a sweets station?  Isabella’s   cake table doubled as the sweets station that all of the little kiddos could shop from. They could select what goodies they wanted, fill up and bag and take it home with them.  The sweets station featured Cupcakes in various sizes, adorned with Isabella’s favorite topping….. Sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles, rock candy, candy bracelets, chocolate covered pretzels, skittles, pixy sticks, swirl lollipops, gumballs and custom sugar cookies.  I utilized the same paper lanterns in which I hung from the tree as hard candies as the backdrop of the sweets station.  Baked Goods provided by

For Isabella’s guestbook, we created an impromptu photo guestbook.   Each guest wrote a little message to the birthday girl on an index card that was then placed into a photo book, they then used the disposable camera to snap a photo of themselves and once we
printed the pictures we then placed each picture next to the corresponding birthday message.  Isabella LOVED it.  She calls it her “birthday book” It
a great way to preserve the memory of who was there and what they wished for her on her third birthday!

What summer birthday party would be complete without a bbq and some water fun!  Our menu featured some of Isabella’s favorite foods: Hot dogs, hamburgers, Mac n cheese, potato chips, deviled eggs, potato salad, summer salads etc.  The kids stayed cool
on the slip n slide and swimming in the pond,  while the adults enjoyed yard games such as badminton, volleyball etc.

Isabella is so lucky to be surrounded by so many friends and family that love her drearily, and believe me she enjoyed every part f her 3rd birthday and continues
to re-in act in on a daily basis while playing In her playroom!

Thank you to everyone
who assisted in the creation of this fun event!

Inspirationally Yours,


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