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WE love getting deliveries! Yesterday was no exception, and we received lots of goodies!
Feast your eyes on this beautiful Bridal Hanger for our very own Kati Kerekes soon to be Kati McDougle!

Here is a sneak peak of her save the date magnet with Holiday Greeting. Let me just say how much I love the graphic we designed for her. If you all do not already know Kati and Bryan are huge Dave Mathews Band fans. Their graphic was inspired by Dave Mathews coffee rings graphic, which is used throughout a lot of his branding.
The back story of where the two “coffee circles” on the DMB came from: What happened is they are coffee stains that were on a napkin Dave was using during the recording process. Dave was having coffee with the cup on the napkin, and it left those 2 stains, and the story goes that when he picked it up the second time, and looked down he saw the rings and thought they were cool, and decided to make them their little BTCS symbol.

We infused their wedding colors into the design and spruced it up a notch to make it more fitting for their wedding.

The final greeting was printed on opaque vellum :)

Next up: Our Classy Country Wedding
Save the Date:
Katie & David

I could not be more pleased with how these save the date postcards turned out! They are super cute and totally fitting for a Apple Orchard wedding and Rustin Barn reception. It was so much fun playing with the different text and text sizing. Thanks to Julie at JP photography for these beautiful photos!

That’s it for now :) Have a happy Holidays everyone!

Inspirationally Yours,


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