Domestic Diva Bridal Shower

Hosting a Bridal Shower for a bride-to-be that considers herself the next “Martha Stewart?” Host a Domestic Diva Shower!

Invite your guests to an afternoon of culinary activities. Send a festive invitation, like this one from wedding paper divas, and include a recipe card and instructions for every guest to bring their favorite recipe to share with the bride.

Focus your decorations around kitchen untensils-I absolutly love this silverware chandelier, and how easy to add some spoons, spatulas and wisks to your flower arrangements?!

Instead of your basic bridal shower games, challenge your guests to a cookie bake off. Have sugar cookies already baked (you could do basic circles, but it would be really cute if you did bride and grooms), and have bowls of colored royal icing and tons of sprinkles ready before your guests arrive. Have your guest of honor judge the final submissions-and dont forget to provide some celephane bags for your guests to bring the cookies home with them.

I have the perfect party favor for this shower! This adorable set of 4 measuring cups has clever and romantic phrases (a heap of love, a spoonful of affection, a dash of tenderness, a pinch of joy) are engraved on the handle of each measuring spoon. The traditional measurements are engraved on the backside of the handle. Perfect for the happy couple and for guests to remember their special day.

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