Competition: Friendly or Unfriendly?

Written by our friend Sasha Souza. Thanks Sasha too good not to share!


What is it with the wedding & event industry and all the drama? Our previous blog post about shopping other planners (blog post: being sneaky: The wrong way to do market research)touched on this topic briefly, but it truly deserves it’s own post.

Let’s take a look at this from a statistical point of view. The wedding industry alone hauls in a whopping 2 billion dollars every year! I feel confident saying that there’s more than enough business for everyone. Yet in most markets the competition has taken an ugly turn for the worse. Every time you turn around it’s some petty drama about so and so.

I think one of the most prevalent situations is when a newcomer enters a local market and older business owners feel threatened. Ask yourself this, “If I were the existing business owner and a new business was opened in my market, How would I react?” Often times this new business may not be competing for the same clients but nonetheless most of us know the outcome.

I have a saying that time in the industry has no bearing on talent… but it does determine how you handle yourself.

Competition is a mission, a mission to get ahead of where we are. Healthy competition is a good thing!

  • You’re a leader, not a follower
  • Competition inspires you to create new ideas
  • Competition means differentiation
  • Competition makes you confident

Unhealthy competition is when your reaction to others’ success is negative, rather than inspiring or motivating to you. Unhealthy competition only reinforces negativity at the expense of seemingly getting ahead. You aren’t actually getting ahead but rather harming your own character. You can easily debase yourself and your business.

  • You hope others fail because you are afraid of your own failure
  • You push other’s aside to get your way
  • You downplay another person in hopes of making yourself look better

Often times people like this will go to desperate measures to cut off their competitor. These people should be warned that their insecurity often drives their opponent to take the high road and thus outwit them. Ultimately people that stoop to this level are so incredibly insecure and scared of their competition. There is no point to this petty drama. Be confident, fair, and friendly. Your business and personal life will be rewarded for avoiding such non-sense. Furthermore, be careful who you pick on….it could definitely ruin your reputation in this industry.

Recently we were poised with this very issue within our company when one of our own was seen to be “threatening” to their peers… treated horribly and without respect. This has no place in our industry and only makes you look petty, short sighted and horrible.

Think about treating people the way you want to be treated.

Enough said.

Inspirationally Yours,


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