"Ceremony Wands"

Are rice and birdseed band for the big send off? Tired of bubbles and bells? Looking for something “different” for your big send off?

Ceremony Wands are a unique way to Congratulate the Bride & Groom at the end of any ceremony The wands can be personalized by allowing you to select the color of the ribbons used on the wands. You can even add your name to the ribbon if you so desire. They are a simple yet beautiful item that adds flair and fun to any wedding.

The wand is wrapped with 6 strands of ribbon that hang from it. There is also a rhinestone at the top of the wand where the ribbon strands are attached.

We recommend that you order one for every other guest attending. For example, if you have 200 guests attending you would order 100.

When placing the order for the wands you must choose 2 ribbon colors
Size – Wand stick 12″, attached ribbons 24″

Contact Elite Events for more information regarding Pricing and availability!
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