Ceremonies within a Ceremony

For those of you that might be looking for something a little different than the Unity Candle.
I met with some of my clients the other night and was reminded that not everyone knows about all the ceremonies out there! A ceremony, depending on who performs it (churches are more restrictive), can be completely personalized. There are several small ceremonies that can be preformed within the ceremony to give the ceremony a special touch. Here are a few of the examples and a little bit out them. (thank you to Andrea Wiseman & Shandro Photo for the photos below!)
Ring Warming Ceremony This is a fabulous way to get your guests involved in your wedding. At the beginning of the ceremony the officiant will make an announcement about the rings and their meaning. They are then passed around to each guest for the guest to hold and say a prayer or blessing over the couples rings. To prevent any misplaced rings, you could put them in a sheer bag or have someone monitor the rings – especially if you are outside!

Rose Ceremony After the announcement of husband and wife, two roses are give to the bride and the groom and then they each exchange the rose with each other as their first gift as husband and wife. The rose is special because it is the symbol of Love. Wording Examples
Hand Tying Ceremony (Handfasting)A unity ceremony this ceremony has the bride and groom join hands while a strip of fabric (a cord, a ribbon, a sash, etc.) is wrapped around their hands. The Officiant will then speak about the importance of the marriage and how the bride and groom have become one. Wording Examples
Sand Ceremony This ceremony symbolizes two people becoming one. It is that the bride and groom were individuals and going this day forward they are one and that the prior individuals no longer exist, and cannot be separated and poured back into their original containers.
There are two containers of colored sand plus one more container sand is poured in to the third container alternating layers of colored sand by the bride and groom – or the parents of the bride and groom and the bride and groom. Wording Examples

Unity CandleAgain this one symbolizes unity; two separate candles are used by the bride and groom to light the middle candle symbolizing that they have now become one. Wording Examples

Wine CeremonyThis couple did something a little bit different. Similar to a rose exchange the couple exchanged boxes with a bottle of wine with a personal note – to be opened on their 25th wedding anniversary – How awesome is that?

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