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DIY: Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

I spotted this darling idea over at Project Wedding and just had to share it with you. Such a cute idea! If you are a newly engaged bride looking for a creative way to ask your bridesmaid to be a part of your wedding…look no further! It’s simple, creative and will have your girlfriends squealing forever :)

Looking for a special way to ask your bridesmaids and maid of honor to be a part of your big day? These sweet accordion gifts can be customized to your bridesmaids personality. They “pop” open when the lid is taken off!

Materials Needed: Boxes with lids, Ribbon, Computer/Printer and assorted charms or tokens

Step 1: Measure the box and layout text accordingly in a program like Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. You will want to make each one according to your bridesmaids interests. Print it out.

Step 2: After printing, cut out the strips pf paper and fold them accordion style. Be sure to leave a little flap at the top to adhere the strip to the lid of the box.

Step 3: Attach the tokens or charms by tying or gluing them to the paper then adhere the strip to the lid of the box.

Step 4: Tie with ribbon and Voila!

A special gift for your special friend!

Domestic Diva Bridal Shower

Hosting a Bridal Shower for a bride-to-be that considers herself the next “Martha Stewart?” Host a Domestic Diva Shower!

Invite your guests to an afternoon of culinary activities. Send a festive invitation, like this one from wedding paper divas, and include a recipe card and instructions for every guest to bring their favorite recipe to share with the bride.

Focus your decorations around kitchen untensils-I absolutly love this silverware chandelier, and how easy to add some spoons, spatulas and wisks to your flower arrangements?!

Instead of your basic bridal shower games, challenge your guests to a cookie bake off. Have sugar cookies already baked (you could do basic circles, but it would be really cute if you did bride and grooms), and have bowls of colored royal icing and tons of sprinkles ready before your guests arrive. Have your guest of honor judge the final submissions-and dont forget to provide some celephane bags for your guests to bring the cookies home with them.

I have the perfect party favor for this shower! This adorable set of 4 measuring cups has clever and romantic phrases (a heap of love, a spoonful of affection, a dash of tenderness, a pinch of joy) are engraved on the handle of each measuring spoon. The traditional measurements are engraved on the backside of the handle. Perfect for the happy couple and for guests to remember their special day.

High Style, Low Stress Entertaining

TIP 1: Color for High Style!
Selecting one color for your party will give you high style and impact! Colors I love include red, yellow, orange, green and for a chic modern ‘Delano‘ look, think about all white! When you have selected your color, use it for table linen, lighting, floral, cocktail napkins, a specialty drink and more!

TIP 2: Gorgeous Floral!
When thinking about centerpieces, consider using a glass or crystal container for the base, especially if you have centerpieces with height. Glass and crystal will not only allow your floral to pop, it will also allow your dinner guests to engage in conversation easier and see each other across the table. Table conversation is an important aspect of any successful dinner party!

Jennifer Cummings of Beautiful Blooms by Jen does a wonderful job! Take a look at some of the modern and eye catching arrangements she has put together!

TIP 3: Yummie Delights!
Sweets are always a party delight! Take your favorite candies and arrange them in various glass containers. Put mini scoops in them so your guests can easily help themselves! Additionally, I like to purchase little clear cello bags and twist ties so guests can fill up a bag and take it home as a favor!

This is a great way to also bring color into your event, its also a fabulous way to involve your guests! Who doesnt love candy. Think of it as a little candy store at your event.

Elite Events offers full candy station displays!

TIP 4: Dress the Part!
Ask your guests to dress in theme! This gives you an abundance of free decor, plus it’s just fun! For an extra surprise, rent a rolling rack from you local rental company and costumes from a local costume shop and let those who thought they were going to get away with not dressing up select a costume as they enter the party! Additionally, I like to hand out numbers and hold a contest, giving out prizes for the most original, etc.

Do not forget to capture these wondeful moments of your event. Hire a photographer! Mary Wyar & Kim Koluch are amazing photographers, sure to tell the story of your event with their amazing photography!

TIP 5: Say Cheese!
Personalize your event by placing beautiful framed photos of family and friends in a prominent place. Not only do these become a conversation starter, they will bring back fabulous memories! Adorn the photos with candles. Candles are the most cost effective and romantic way to create an atmosphere for your party (you can never have too man

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