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2014 Ultimate Wedding Inspiration Collection – Day 16


There are always new trends coming and going when it comes to centerpieces, when I saw these I have to say it was Love at first sight.

What I love about it:
Adding drama and interest to your table
Defiantly something your guests will be talking about therefore it creates conversations
Non obstructive, your guests will not have any problem conversing at the table
They are just Beautiful!!!

Suspended centerpieces can be achieved several ways.  You can use blooming branches similar to what is shown here which gives a beautiful effect.  You can use a large grouping of flowers, or perhaps individual blooms.  Candles are also beautiful suspended in glass containers.  Creating a grouping of flowers also simulates a floral chandelier which can be very elegant.

Thing to keep in mind:

Your venue, what type of ceiling does it have? a suspended centerpiece may not be as feasible to achieve if the venue has tall ceilings.  Be sure to get approval from your venue before hanging anything from the ceiling.  Secondly, make sure you have a method to hang the arrangement.

If this is something you’d be willing to try at your event, let us know!  If you have achieved this look at your own event we would love to see pictures!!!!

2014 Ultimate Wedding Inspiration Collection

Twisted Tropicals…. How can you not just Love them..!

As the newest member of the Elite Events team I am excited to bring my knowledge of flowers and creativity not only to the team but to the Elite Events blog as well! Be on the lookout for my new blog series Floral Friday, where I will be dishing on flower trends, flower favorites and plenty of other flower related topics.  I am excited to share with you some beautiful images of my work as well as some fun flower options for just about any occasion!

Today’s Topic: Twisted Tropicals….How can you not just LOVE them!

From the Rich Vivid Colors to the Super Cool Textures…. This is a Look I Truly Love !

The Pin Cushion Protea are definitely a show stopper along with Orchids and Hanging Helaconia. You can transform any Venue into a Tropical Paradise……  Simply add a Orchid Lay around your neck and let the party begin…


Having fun with a Nitrogen Fire and Ice Station

We are always looking for new fun interactive elements to bring to events. While visiting in Arizona I fell in LOVE with the ultra chic Fire and Ice Nitrogen Bar. Having ice sculptures or luges at your event has been a long standing tradition. A more recent tradition is the interactive sweet station, where guests can pick and choose tasty treats to build and take home with them. We have also seen the chocolate fountain and s’mores stations…BUT The Fire and Ice station is a combination of all of these things! There is a lot of attention being given to liquid nitrogen in the world of food, particularly molecular gastronomy, and I would really like to bring this unique idea to some of our events!

This concept is versatile for food and beverages! For the element of Ice use Nitrogen. As you know Nitrogen or dry ice will instantly turn anything frozen and cold. Give your guests an experience that will not soon be forgotten with a gooey sweet fire and ice treat! Your guests will have a blast playing with different types of combination’s of melted chocolate over frozen yogurt or using frozen fruit as ice cubes in cocktail glasses rimmed with melted caramel.

To create the element of fire use burners to melt chocolate and caramels. You can even use an exposed burner for toasting marshmallows! The combination of melted gooey and frozen cold will send your guests over the edge!

Shake up your Drink Menu, offer a Molecular bar with nitrogen.  Offer up drinks like nitrogen martini or tequila shake up !

If your interested in incorporating a unique element such as this to your next event, be sure to contact us

Spring Wedding Trends for 2012 as seen on WNWO

Lets talk about Color & Whats inspiring us this season

I just returned from Florida where I was inspired by vibrant fruits, which are fresh, crisp and colorful. Apparently I am not alone in this as Tangerine Tango was named the 2012 color of the year by Pantone.

We love this color because it is fresh for spring and pairs naturally with other great spring colors such as kiwi green, Lilac, rich raspberry, peach and banana. It’s a great color even when used alone in various shades.

How to translate our inspiration into your wedding fashion & décor

Because each bridesmaid has different skin and
hair tones it can be risky trying to put them all in the same color. More and
more brides are selecting muted neutral toned dresses that can be re-worn. The
best way to incorporate your flair for fashion and passion for color is with
accessories and floral bouquets.

Bouquet Designed and Created By: Elite Events

As you see when you pair a vibrant bouquet and accessorize with
bright colored jewelry it completely transforms the
ensemble. You can even get creative and add a fresh flower shoe clip to
truly make a fashion forward spring statement.

Left shoe clip Designed and Created By: Elite Events

Moving on to your Table Decor

Your spring table setting should remind guests of a renewed energy and the optimism from the promise of a brighter day which is why we all love spring so much.

As you know Elite Events specializes in Event Design and Coordinating. Because flowers are such a large part of each events design we have expanded our services and added the very talented florist Sharon Johnson to our staff. She has created this centerpiece which is a celebration of spring by incorporating circus roses, along with green fuji mums, parrot tulips,  grape hyacinth and crab tree blooms, that are in currently blooming for the spring season . Wrapped in a natural birch bark, this floral arrangement makes the perfect spring statement for any occasion.

 Designed and Created By: Elite Events

Apply the same concept you did with fashion when dressing your table by using neutral linens and napkins and letting the flowers or fruit be the vibrant focal point. Do not be afraid to use texture in your fabrics, just because the color is neutral does not mean the fabric has to be dull or boring.

This look can be easily translated to your home

April Showers bring May flowers

Although the word rain is a terrible thing to
say as an Event Coordinator it is our job to make sure you and your guests are
prepared to enjoy yourself no matter what spring may bring.

Gift your bridesmaids these adorable Vera
Bradley umbrellas from the fabulous fiddlesticks in Levis Commons.

They will add a pop of color and fun element to your photos and are very practical!

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, secure a rain location and make sure to plan all the logistics of set up time.

Communication is key, so make sure your guests are reminded that they will be outdoors and to dress accordingly. Have the rain location information printed and sent with your invitation then Ask for cell phone numbers on RSVPs that way if you need to change locations at the last minute your planner can send out a group text with the info.

Handy Tool

Last but not least we hope that this Handy tool we have created might assist you remembering the Spring Trends we just touched on

So I must ask, what is inspiring you this Spring season?

Kati & Bryan are Married~An Elite Event

Kati & Bryan are finally Married, and here are the photos to prove it :) As you all know our very own Event Coordinator Kati, was married a few weeks ago.  I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a slide show that I put together of images from her fabulous photographer MARYWYAR.

The day could not have been any more PERFECT.  It was such a wonderful day, not just for Kati and Bryan but for me as well.  For the past 9 months I have been working side by side these 2 and assisting them bring their vision of their ideal wedding day to fruition.  The look on their faces when they saw everything come together was priceless, and something I will always remember.   The entire place was exactly what they had envisioned. Tailored,  Sophisticated and accented with gorgeous flowers.  Little elements referencing their love for their favorite band (Dave Mathews) surrounded them in a tasteful fashion, and made their event very unique and personal. 

It was my honor to not only guide you through your day but to actually be apart of it as well.  Much Love to you both as you being this wonderful new chapter of life together!

Head on over to Marys blog to see for yourself just how fabulous their day really was!