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Last Minute Tips that will take your holiday Bash from Drab to Fab-WNWO24

As event planners something we have learned over the years is that the most successful party has just the right balance of Design, details, organization and coordination.  Today
we will discuss how to Create a warm, welcoming, atmosphere by using details
that appeal to all of your guests senses and give you the tools keep calm and
stay organized in the process. 


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1.  First Choose a menu that can be prepared ahead of time

By simply taking the time to prepare or prep as much food as possible ahead of
time, as well as considering how you are going to display your dishes will save
a lot of time and stress on the actual day of the party.

Here are  4 quick and easy recipes that your guests are sure to LOVE!

For a Printer friendly verson of these recipes please download them by  clicking on the links below:

Mini Pizzas

Herbed Cream Cheese Cucumber Wheels

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Champagne Infused Jello Shots

2. Create an appetizing and effective Display

               Strategizing how you’re going to display and serve your dishes is as important as the dishes themselves.

 Pull out all of your serving dishes and take
inventory of what you have and what you want to use. Do a dry run the night or
2 before and set your table as you plan on setting it for the event.

DO not be afraid to play around with height:  3 tiered serving trays are perfect for this.

They add interest to the table, allow for better access to the dishes and allow to you fit more food on the table

 When you have everything how you want it, Write down on a piece of paper what food
will go in what and take a picture of the set up so come party day re-creating
the look is easy and something anyone can help you with it.

Be sure to add name cards identifying each dish for that added personal touch

3.   Add Fun Details- Like a Signature Drink

Mason Jars are cute, inexpensive and the perfect container for a signature holiday cocktail. Look online for drink recipes and invent your own names (Snow White Sangria, Santa’s
Secret Punch, Christmas Cosmos, etc.). You can even fill the jars ahead of
time, cap them, and let them chill in a cooler or make a batch up and serve it
in a beverage server. Make a festive sign featuring the drink name and ingredients. Then toast to a great celebration!

Now that your menu is created and organized turn your Focus to Setting
the mood

4. Good tunes are essential to the life of a party. Make a
playlist featuring your favorite holiday songs or use a digital music service
like Pandora to make
your dream playlist for free.

Don’t forget to turn the music on early, while your getting
ready as well, it will help you the hostess relax and get into the holiday
spirit as well ;)

5.  Be Inspired by Nature and Seasonal Elements

Incorporating nature into your entertaining décor is a free way to create a festive holiday
vibe. Here we used 2 glass apothecary jars one is filled with colorful holiday
ornaments and the other with pine cones and holly. Scents are also an integral part of a party, be sure to: Light a few candles throughout your home with festive holiday scents such as This particular candle that we just love. It creates the soothing sound of a
crackling fire when lit.

6. Have a Seat

Even if it’s a small family dinner party, assign seats with holiday inspired place cards or if your serving your food buffet style use the cards to identify each dish.  The place setting that we have here, utilizes an inexpensive ornament to hold the place card., its festive, simple, took only a minute to create, not to mention your guests can take them home with
them as a party favor!

7. Lastly focus on yourself!

 As a hostess and even as a guest it is important to look the part. Get a shelack manicure a few days in advance so you wont have to touch up your nails that day. Skip shopping for an new outfit and spice up that  Little Black Dress everyone has in there Closet by dressing it up with fun accessories such as: a funky bracelet, shiny handbag bag, put on a pair of bright shoes or  colorful belt.

One of our Favorite Go to Resources for Style is Lauren Conrad

Here she has paired several different accessories that can easily transform your little black dress for any occasion.

On The Day before the party pamper your skin with a good exfoliation using some mint sugar and honey then the morning of Give your hair a great blow out that way after the house is clean, table’s set, and the food is in the oven, you can turn on your music, light your candles quickly spruce up and enjoy time with your guests!

Happy Holidays!



High Style, Low Stress Entertaining

TIP 1: Color for High Style!
Selecting one color for your party will give you high style and impact! Colors I love include red, yellow, orange, green and for a chic modern ‘Delano‘ look, think about all white! When you have selected your color, use it for table linen, lighting, floral, cocktail napkins, a specialty drink and more!

TIP 2: Gorgeous Floral!
When thinking about centerpieces, consider using a glass or crystal container for the base, especially if you have centerpieces with height. Glass and crystal will not only allow your floral to pop, it will also allow your dinner guests to engage in conversation easier and see each other across the table. Table conversation is an important aspect of any successful dinner party!

Jennifer Cummings of Beautiful Blooms by Jen does a wonderful job! Take a look at some of the modern and eye catching arrangements she has put together!

TIP 3: Yummie Delights!
Sweets are always a party delight! Take your favorite candies and arrange them in various glass containers. Put mini scoops in them so your guests can easily help themselves! Additionally, I like to purchase little clear cello bags and twist ties so guests can fill up a bag and take it home as a favor!

This is a great way to also bring color into your event, its also a fabulous way to involve your guests! Who doesnt love candy. Think of it as a little candy store at your event.

Elite Events offers full candy station displays!

TIP 4: Dress the Part!
Ask your guests to dress in theme! This gives you an abundance of free decor, plus it’s just fun! For an extra surprise, rent a rolling rack from you local rental company and costumes from a local costume shop and let those who thought they were going to get away with not dressing up select a costume as they enter the party! Additionally, I like to hand out numbers and hold a contest, giving out prizes for the most original, etc.

Do not forget to capture these wondeful moments of your event. Hire a photographer! Mary Wyar & Kim Koluch are amazing photographers, sure to tell the story of your event with their amazing photography!

TIP 5: Say Cheese!
Personalize your event by placing beautiful framed photos of family and friends in a prominent place. Not only do these become a conversation starter, they will bring back fabulous memories! Adorn the photos with candles. Candles are the most cost effective and romantic way to create an atmosphere for your party (you can never have too man

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