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Spring Wedding Trends for 2012 as seen on WNWO

Lets talk about Color & Whats inspiring us this season

I just returned from Florida where I was inspired by vibrant fruits, which are fresh, crisp and colorful. Apparently I am not alone in this as Tangerine Tango was named the 2012 color of the year by Pantone.

We love this color because it is fresh for spring and pairs naturally with other great spring colors such as kiwi green, Lilac, rich raspberry, peach and banana. It’s a great color even when used alone in various shades.

How to translate our inspiration into your wedding fashion & décor

Because each bridesmaid has different skin and
hair tones it can be risky trying to put them all in the same color. More and
more brides are selecting muted neutral toned dresses that can be re-worn. The
best way to incorporate your flair for fashion and passion for color is with
accessories and floral bouquets.

Bouquet Designed and Created By: Elite Events

As you see when you pair a vibrant bouquet and accessorize with
bright colored jewelry it completely transforms the
ensemble. You can even get creative and add a fresh flower shoe clip to
truly make a fashion forward spring statement.

Left shoe clip Designed and Created By: Elite Events

Moving on to your Table Decor

Your spring table setting should remind guests of a renewed energy and the optimism from the promise of a brighter day which is why we all love spring so much.

As you know Elite Events specializes in Event Design and Coordinating. Because flowers are such a large part of each events design we have expanded our services and added the very talented florist Sharon Johnson to our staff. She has created this centerpiece which is a celebration of spring by incorporating circus roses, along with green fuji mums, parrot tulips,  grape hyacinth and crab tree blooms, that are in currently blooming for the spring season . Wrapped in a natural birch bark, this floral arrangement makes the perfect spring statement for any occasion.

 Designed and Created By: Elite Events

Apply the same concept you did with fashion when dressing your table by using neutral linens and napkins and letting the flowers or fruit be the vibrant focal point. Do not be afraid to use texture in your fabrics, just because the color is neutral does not mean the fabric has to be dull or boring.

This look can be easily translated to your home

April Showers bring May flowers

Although the word rain is a terrible thing to
say as an Event Coordinator it is our job to make sure you and your guests are
prepared to enjoy yourself no matter what spring may bring.

Gift your bridesmaids these adorable Vera
Bradley umbrellas from the fabulous fiddlesticks in Levis Commons.

They will add a pop of color and fun element to your photos and are very practical!

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, secure a rain location and make sure to plan all the logistics of set up time.

Communication is key, so make sure your guests are reminded that they will be outdoors and to dress accordingly. Have the rain location information printed and sent with your invitation then Ask for cell phone numbers on RSVPs that way if you need to change locations at the last minute your planner can send out a group text with the info.

Handy Tool

Last but not least we hope that this Handy tool we have created might assist you remembering the Spring Trends we just touched on

So I must ask, what is inspiring you this Spring season?

DIY: Yarn Chandelier

While reading one of my favorite blogs Hostess witht the Mostess I came across this super cute, fun and what looks to be fairly easy DIY for a Yarn Chandelier.   With everyone crafting creations from Pinterest I figured it was worth sharing, I hope to hear someone trying this little eproject out!

This would be an adorable addition to any party!

DIY Yarn and Balloon Ball Chandelier Tutorial

I’m thrilled to share this super creative and useful “Yarn Chandelier Tutorial” from Nicolle of Libby Lane Press with you today!

This project utilizes yarn, a glue mixture, and balloons – and is so versatile and budget-friendly. You can use these cool spheres for all sorts of parties and occassions… from birthday celebrations to baby showers, bridal showers, and beyond! Nicolle created these particular yarn spheres for this super cute Holiday Whimsical Woodland Wonderland shoot:

whimsical wonderland dessert table with forest creatures

Read on for complete DIY details from Nicolle…



by Nicolle from Libby Lane Press

materials for DIY yarn ball chandelier

– Yarn
– School Glue
– Corn Starch
– Vaseline
– Dowel rod/pole for hanging
– Scissors
– Balloons
– Bowl for Mixing



1. Blow up Balloons:
I wanted various sized yarn chandeliers so I chose to incorporate a large punching balloon as my main focal point and added standard balloons for the surrounding areas.  I only blew the standard balloons to approximately half capacity to keep as true of a circular shape as possible.

balloons and yarn

2. Assemble work space:
Place a long pole or dowel rod between two chairs to create a DIY ‘drying station’.  I highly recommend placing a plastic trash bag or disposable plastic tablecloth underneath where you will hang the balloons.  I initially began this project outdoors, however wind became a factor and I was forced to relocate (not easy).

3. Attach balloons to rod:
Tie yarn around the stem of the balloon and hang from the dowel rod.  Be sure that the balloon is suspended and not touching the surrounding balloons.

balloons on a rod

4. Petroleum Jelly:
Cover each balloon in a light coating of petroleum jelly.  This ensures that the yarn will not stick to the balloon once it is dried and popped.

5. Mixing & Dipping:
Mix the school glue (about half of the bottle) with approx. 1/2 cup of cornstarch and approx. 1/4 cup of water.  I estimated these amounts and added more cornstarch and glue when desiring a thicker paste consistency.

Dip the yarn into the glue mixture, squeeze out excess, and begin wrapping around the balloon vertically and then switch to horizontally.  Once you have covered a good part of your balloon, cut the yarn and tie to a surrounding piece.  I chose to do this near the stem of the balloon so it would not be as obvious when hanging.

6. Drying/Popping:
Allow yarn chandeliers to hang for 24 hours in a dry, covered area.  Do not attempt to shorten this process!

Next, pop the balloon (this is where I held my breath in anticipation).  The yarn will also have dried glue crystals however they easily flake off when tapped.

DIY Yarn Ball Chandelier Tutorial

Now your yarn chandeliers are ready to hang! I used mine for my Whimsical Winter Wonderland photo shoot and then hung them in my children’s playroom for a fun pop of color!

whimsical wonderland dessert table with forest creatures


Photography of the final product by: SweetBee Photography

My weekly Fav! Address Wrap's

I’m not sure about you, but personally I despise addressing envelopes :(   I do not know what it is, but I just simply do not like doing it.   Therefore, when I came across these little beauties, I was in LOVE! Granted they have been around for a while now, however I am still surprised how many people are reluctant to use them…..

Address Wraps

Address wraps give your envelopes a sophisticated, tailored look.  What I love about them: They are perfect for ANY color envelope, they are great for any event, you can coordinate the wrap to match the contents inside of the envelope :) and they are legible not to mention fun and something you can DO YOURSELF!

Address wraps work well on A2 sized envelopes allowing your center the recipients address on the front of the envelope and your return address will serve as a seal for your envelope flap on the back.

Here are some fun address wraps that I came across :)


Printable Holday Wrap Around Labels - You Pick the Style, Colors & Fonts


LOVE this striped envelope!!! reminds me of a candy cane!

Holiday Wrap Around Address Labels - Return Address - DIY Printable - For Christmas Xmas New Years Eve Holiday Greeting Cards



I’m not sure about you but I think I may be using address wraps to address my holiday cards this year :)

Interested in creating your own Address Wraps? Look no further here is a template that i found that can be totally customized!


Shabby Chic Design

It is no doubt right now my favorite design style is shabby chic with a smattering of french country and cottage style mixed in. Although I would tend to say my personal style is more Modern, and simple with clean lines and stratigially placed statement pieces,I fell in love with the shabby chic style ever since I flipped through my first issue of Country Living magazine, oohing and ahhing over the beautiful, distressed finds. In fact, Target’s ‘Simply Shabby Chic’collection by Rachel Ashwell is a favorite ‘happy place’ of mine, and I could literally stand there admiring the countless sheets, comforters, curtains, throw pillows, and other beautiful shabby chic accents for an incredibly long time. There is something so beautiful about all the tiny imperfections. It is just beautiful. And, although the shabby chic style tends to incorporate lots of whites, creams, and ivories throughout, I like to throw in pops of color every so often just to keep things interesting. A splash of turquoise or hot pink can really brighten up a piece and make it your own.

You can imagine, then, how much I absolutely adore shabby chic wedding decor in particular, which combines a few of my favorite loves into one. Just follow our tried + true recipe: add one part shabby + equal parts chic, a handful of handmade, a dash of DIY and fluff until fabulous. It is perhaps the most imperfectly perfect style that exists. One of my favorite elements of shabby chic style within the wedding scene is how you can make a beautiful display out of a few key pieces. The key is to find soft palettes and hues to complement one another, and add a main focal point to make the display pop. The below shabby chic photo display  is just one example which has stolen my heart. It lends some serious inspiration making it easy to DIY, even if you feel clueless about how to style your own display. I think the most important point when creating a photo display is to add lots of personal touches. The more personalized it is, the better. This way, guests can get a glimpse into your love story simply by stopping by and taking a quick peek. When I was planning my wedding, I had no idea how many unique display ideas were out there; if I had, this is definitely one I would have chosen to incorporate into my decor. Take a peek at some of my favorite shabby chic finds that I have discovered, they would be the perfect addition into your wedding and afterward in your love nest…


Ifyou are interested in incorporating any of these elements into your next event drop us a line :)

How to Monday: How to create a scratch off save the date!

You won the lottery when you found each other, so send this cheeky save-the-date card to let guests share in your luck. After scraping off the paint with a penny, they’ll hit the jackpot: your wedding date!

Tools and Supplies

  • Ink-jet and laser printer
  • 8 1/2-by-11-inch card stock in white or cream (you will print 2 cards per sheet)
  • Craft knife and metal ruler
  • Metallic acrylic paint (we used Golden Artist Colors acrylic paint in iridescent silver, $4.75,
  • Liquid dish soap
  • 1/4-inch-wide watercolor brush
  • A7 envelopes (5 1/4 by 7 1/4 inches)
  • Pennies

Basic How-To

1. Download our PDF file, and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you are using a Mac, use Reader instead of Apple’s Preview application). Most browsers already include this program, but if you have trouble downloading the file or would like to upgrade Acrobat Reader, you can obtain the latest version of the software for free from Adobe’s website.

2. Replace the placeholder text with your own (you only need to do this in one box; the form will automatically fill in the rest), and print onto card stock.

3. Use the craft knife and metal ruler to cut between the crop marks (do not cut all the way to the edges of the paper; this will leave the crop marks intact around all the edges to guide subsequent cuts).

4. Combine one part dish soap with two parts metallic acrylic paint. Paint neatly over the number in the center of the hearts with a thin layer. Let it dry thoroughly, about 1 hour, and then add a second layer. Let second coat dry thoroughly (about 1 more hour) before putting the cards in the envelopes.

5. Mail the card with a “lucky” penny for scratching (you will need extra postage for this).

From Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2011

Read more at Scratch-Off Save-the-Date How-To

Some other save the date scratch off’s we were fond of: