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The Best Bet these Gamblers ever made! October 14th, 2012 The Toledo Club

Poker Stars Elite Events Wedding Toledo Club

Tom Lutz and Vanessa Peng are two of Las Vegas’ finest World Poker Tour Players. When they decided to tie the knot this couple had many obstacles to overcome. It was important to honor Vanessa’s heritage by having a reception in Singapore as well as legally becoming husband and wife on a day her grandmother believed to be good luck and a blessing for them. Tommy a local from Oregon, Ohio wanted to make sure his family and friends were able to share in the celebration, so the couple decided to get married not once, not twice but three times in two countries, and we had the pleasure of helping them plan there Ohio wedding. Dressed in traditional Chinese clothing the couple married with the presence of immediate family and a Judge to secure their wedding date as given to them by her grandmother. The following Sunday at the Toledo Club the second ceremony took place followed by brunch with Jazz musicians and dancing. Tommy’s friends and family were there as well as some of Vanessa’s who traveled far and wide to witness. The couple will have their final ceremony this spring in Singapore. It was a pleasure to help Vanessa and Tommy stay organized and pull everything off for the Ohio nuptials. Not only were they trying to plan something from out of town and in different time zones, but they had the added struggle of work hours being unpredictable as poker tournaments can last into the late hours of the night! We wish this couple all the luck in the world, although we think they already have it!

Sugar Shack Elite events Toledo Club Wedding sweets StationToledo Club Ceremony Elite Eventsceremony toledo club elite events

Venue: Toledo Club

Officiant: Susan Spackey

Photography: Grand Lubell

Cake & Petit Fours: Sugar Shack

Sweets Table Design: Tout Sweet

Dress: Monique L’huiller

Jazz band: Steve Wood Trio

Event Coordination & Design: Elite Events

Florist: Meadows flowers

Faith Love and Marriage October 6th 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy & Natalie Macke gave us the
pleasure of helping them through every aspect of their wedding as Full Planning
Clients. When we first met Natalie and her mother Monica they wanted to go over
the details of our contract very carefully, which was a good sign for us. We
knew right away that this was going to be a client who would
communicate to us exactly what they want and with that, we would be able to
guide them to the wedding of their dreams. Natalie is honest, humble and
beautiful inside and out, which made working for her and Jeremy not only
pleasurable but an honor. Since Faith is the cornerstone of their lives, we
wanted to make sure that guests felt that presence throughout the wedding. When looking through the photos below notice that Natalie and Jeremy are not just posing they are praying. You will see details such as crosses, bibles and tables named after bible verses. Our classic conservative couple used a color palate blending neutral champagnes with hues of greys then added an elegant touch of purples which we felt paired beautifully with the Toledo Country Clubs interior. From concept to completion you can see how we captured Natalie’s soft kind nature, Jeremy’s consistent commitment to her and their shared love for the outdoors all while telling their story of Faith Love & Marriage.


Venue: Toledo Country Club

Photography: Considering Lilies

Cake: Janes Cakes

Dress: Belle Amour Bridal

DJ: Decorative Sound

Harpist: Ginny Peterson

Event Coordination & Design: Elite Events

Florist: Elite Events

Stationary: Elite Events

Jamie & Schuyler~An Elite Event Sneak Peek

This fall is super busy for us, but we can’t complain because we love what we do.  This weekend we had the pleasure of assisting Jamie & Schuyler with their beautiful wedding  at the  Toledo Country Club.  Despite the rain, that forced us to move the ceremony indoors, the wedding was as beautiful as the bride and we had top notch vendors that assisted us in making their day perfection every step of the way!

I just wanted to share with you some images that we captured of their set and decor!

We had the pleasure of assisting Jamie & Schuyler with almost all aspects of their design including: Invitation Design, Floral Design, decor and linens.

One of my favorites is the precious flower girl purse!

Each table had a great mix of silver metal vessels for the flowers as well as accents of glass.

Each flower type was hand selected by the bride based on special memories she has of each of those flower types.  As a world traveling couple this couple had many small details that were incorporated into their special day.  Enjoy!

I cant wait to share the professional photos by their wedding photographer

More details to follow with the full post!

Elite Events~Trend Report

If you have been a guest to a wedding in the last year or so I’m pretty sure
you’re familiar with a signature drink, or even a drink station, possibly even
a ceremony beverage station.  Tired of the seeing the same concept utilized over and over again, I was in search for fresh, new, fun ideas that could possibly replace those worn out trends.

I love what I am finding!!! SO I thought I would share!

 Yogurt Ice Pops with Berries

How Yummy and refreshing  would these be to
be served at a outdoor summer wedding ceremony!

 Yogurt Ice Pops with Berries

 Makes: 8 to 10


1 lemon

½ cup water

½ cup sugar

1 ½ cups plain
unsweetened Greek-style yogurt

2 Tablespoons honey

2 cups fresh

Rinse the lemon, then peel it. Combine the water, and sugar in a small saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring, until the mixture comes to a boil and the sugar has
dissolved. Add the lemon peel, lower the heat, and simmer for 5 minutes. Let
cool to room temperature. Strain the syrup through a fine-mesh sieve, then
refrigerate until chilled.

Put the yogurt and honey in a blender, add the chilled syrup and blend to combine. Pour a bit of the yogurt mixture into each of the molds, to a height of about ¾ inch. Freeze
until the mixture begins to set, about 40 minutes.

If the blackberries are big, cut them in half. Divide the blackberries among the molds, then pour in the remaining yogurt mixture, dividing it evenly among the molds. Freeze
until solid, 3 to 4 hours. (


As with many of the jaw-dropping moments at your wedding, a memorable presentation
is key to offering up Popsicles in a manner to amaze your guests. Presenting
them on a tray is one suggestion. So is setting up a spot at your reception for
an old-fashioned, albeit vamped-up, Popsicle cart that can pass out the frozen
goods. (

Snow Cones/Shaved Ice treats

A great way to bring in your wedding colors all while using
fresh fruits, Lemons, Oranges, Apples, Cranberries, Grapes, you name it!

I love the shaved Ice block!

Cocktail Hour treats!

Offer your guests a spiked cold and refreshing treat, like a
watermelon mint julep!

Present them on a
thick slice of watermelon to give it that WOW affect.

Not a fan of Mint Julep?
Try a Boozy Pop! (

Elderflower & Tequila*

Makes:  10 pops


1 1/3 pounds cucumbers
(about 3 medium), peeled

1/3 cup elderflower

2 Tablespoons freshly
squeezed lemon juice

¼ to 1/3 cup tequila

Finely puree the cucumbers in a food processor. You should have about 2 ½ cups of puree.
Transfer the pureed cucumbers to a bowl or a measuring pitcher with a pouring
spout and stir in the elderflower syrup and lemon juice, and then the tequila

Taste and adjust, but be careful not to overdo the tequila, because too much will keep the pop from freezing.

Pour the mixture into your ice pop molds, leaving a little bit of room at the top for the mixture to expand. Insert sticks and freeze until solid, 4 to 5 hours. (

Stay Cool Station

Having planned many outdoor summer
events, it is ALWAYS important to make sure your guests stay COOL, COMFORTABLE
and HYDRATED.  Therefore when I came
across this lovely display, I found it hard to resist sharing!

Parasols, to shade from the sun, cold washcloths to keep
cool, dry washcloths to wipe away sweat and cold refreshing water to keep
guests hydrated!

Not a Fan of Cold treats, or planning more of a fall or
winter event? We have some ideas for you too!

Need a Warm up?

Warm up with a Hot COCO bar or
even a Tea Leaf station, a great alternative to the traditional coffee station,
if I don’t say so myself!


Everyone loves a good snack especially before a good
show.  Why not change it up and offer a
snack for your guests to enjoy during your wedding ceremony.  We LOVED this gourmet popcorn display.  It’s interactive, fun and sure looks

Last by not least some Late night snack ideas!

I am LOVING Doghnut’s for a late night snack idea!

Are any of you doing anything FUN and different for your event?

Twisted Tropicals…. How can you not just Love them..!

As the newest member of the Elite Events team I am excited to bring my knowledge of flowers and creativity not only to the team but to the Elite Events blog as well! Be on the lookout for my new blog series Floral Friday, where I will be dishing on flower trends, flower favorites and plenty of other flower related topics.  I am excited to share with you some beautiful images of my work as well as some fun flower options for just about any occasion!

Today’s Topic: Twisted Tropicals….How can you not just LOVE them!

From the Rich Vivid Colors to the Super Cool Textures…. This is a Look I Truly Love !

The Pin Cushion Protea are definitely a show stopper along with Orchids and Hanging Helaconia. You can transform any Venue into a Tropical Paradise……  Simply add a Orchid Lay around your neck and let the party begin…