Blue and Pink Bridal Shower

 Last weekend was my soon to be sister in law’s bridal shower.  My lovely mother in law asked for my assistance with the overall decor, while she took care of the menu, favors and everything in between.

  Incorporating her main wedding color of royal blue and pairing it with shades of pink, we livened up Coley Canal’s banquet room and gave it a bright and airly feel.

Linens and Flower: Courtesy of Elite Events.

Each place setting was anchored by a bright pink napkin that also held the the silverware

Straying away from the traditional Bridal Shower Cake, they opted for several different desserts to give the guets more of a variety.  The backdrop featured photos of the couple from the time they stated dating.

The food and varity was amazing.

The ceiling of the venue was decorated with pink lanterns to add a bit of color to the space and continue to keep the guests eyes moving throughout the space. The small potted blue and pink plants were made by my mother in law and the step grandmother of the groom.  They served as beautiful accents for the large windows in the space as well as favors for each guest to take home with them.

Close up photos of the BEAUIFUL flowers!

Color Coordinated Signature drink to top off the party!

Im not sure about you, but I’m loving this color combo!

Inspirationally Yours,


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