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An April Shower for Elites Kati McDougle and her baby in bloom Magnolia Grace

An April Shower for Elites Kati McDougle and her baby in bloom Magnolia Grace

Wildwood farmhouse elite events baby shower

As event coordinators we pray for the perfect weather for our events, and in this case a rainy Sunday was exactly what we needed for this April Shower!

The color scheme was gray, shades of blues and peaches and the attention to detail was everywhere. Enjoy browsing through these images!

Origami swan back drop baby shower elite events

Guests were invited to decorate onsies, bibs & blankets for Magnolia

origami detail and magnolia shower scrub favors elite events

Kati and her mom made natural Magnolia Shower scrub as a Thank You to Guests

Brunch buffet table baby shower elite events

The Menu:

3 mini quiche flavors: bacon wrapped & hash-brown encrusted, cheese & roasted red pepper & spinach mushroom.

Mini basil mint fruit cups

Doughnut Hole Tree

Pancake cupcakes with Maple syrup frosting and bacon garnish

retro chairs elite events baby shower

Retro chairs and two table designs kept things fresh and fun!

elite events table decor baby shower

Umbrella Chandeliers added a playful element to the April Shower

shower scrub umbrella decor cloud straws elite events

Special Thanks To:

Shutter Love Photography for the Origami Swans back drop & all the helpful advice on cloth diapers

Mary Wyar Photography for capturing all the beautiful details

Janes Cakes & Confections for the delicious Pancake Maple Syrup and bacon cupcakes

Elite Events for coordination, linens, flowers, umbrella chandeliers & pram

Karen Kerekes & Diane McDougle for hand making & baking the food, raindrop garland, Magnolia Shower Scrub & Magnolia wish flowers

Magnolia will be here in about a month! I can not wait to share the birth photo’s & her nursery with all of you!

Valentines Day Baby Reveal

Cupid stopped by the Elite Events Studio for a Baby Reveal!

The happy soon to be parents are our very own Kati & Bryan McDougle! They celebrated their BIG news with friends and family by throwing a Cupids Arrow Valentines Day Reveal. Elite Events Floral and Design pulled this together with feathers and romantic candles. Sugar Shack Specialty Sweets made the Hearts & Arrow Modern Cake which was perfect for revealing the identity of their little one. Scroll through the photos taken by Mary Wyar Photography to find out if they are having a boy or girl!

Baby bump photos Bryan Kati nikki Elite events Valentines day reveal party

Love Potion valentines day baby reveal party elite events

details elite events valentines day baby reveal party

 It’s A Girl!!

Magnolia Grace McDougle will be joining the world and becoming a future Elite Events Bride this June! Baby Shower post’s coming soon!










The Best Bet these Gamblers ever made! October 14th, 2012 The Toledo Club

Poker Stars Elite Events Wedding Toledo Club

Tom Lutz and Vanessa Peng are two of Las Vegas’ finest World Poker Tour Players. When they decided to tie the knot this couple had many obstacles to overcome. It was important to honor Vanessa’s heritage by having a reception in Singapore as well as legally becoming husband and wife on a day her grandmother believed to be good luck and a blessing for them. Tommy a local from Oregon, Ohio wanted to make sure his family and friends were able to share in the celebration, so the couple decided to get married not once, not twice but three times in two countries, and we had the pleasure of helping them plan there Ohio wedding. Dressed in traditional Chinese clothing the couple married with the presence of immediate family and a Judge to secure their wedding date as given to them by her grandmother. The following Sunday at the Toledo Club the second ceremony took place followed by brunch with Jazz musicians and dancing. Tommy’s friends and family were there as well as some of Vanessa’s who traveled far and wide to witness. The couple will have their final ceremony this spring in Singapore. It was a pleasure to help Vanessa and Tommy stay organized and pull everything off for the Ohio nuptials. Not only were they trying to plan something from out of town and in different time zones, but they had the added struggle of work hours being unpredictable as poker tournaments can last into the late hours of the night! We wish this couple all the luck in the world, although we think they already have it!

Sugar Shack Elite events Toledo Club Wedding sweets StationToledo Club Ceremony Elite Eventsceremony toledo club elite events

Venue: Toledo Club

Officiant: Susan Spackey

Photography: Grand Lubell

Cake & Petit Fours: Sugar Shack

Sweets Table Design: Tout Sweet

Dress: Monique L’huiller

Jazz band: Steve Wood Trio

Event Coordination & Design: Elite Events

Florist: Meadows flowers

What's Hot and What's Not: Weddings 2013

Elite Event’s 2013 Weddings What’s Hot & Whats Not!

OUT: Photobooths with Cheesy Props

IN: High Tech Smart Phone Apps

Every event big or small seems to have a photo booth fully equipped with mustache’s, Hot  lips and chalkboard props. Save money and take advantage of Apps like the locally designed “photo twine” which allows your guests to become the paparazzi.

You can even give your guests a must take picture list to
keep the creative juices flowing! Feel free to check out what a morning with us is like behind the scenes at WNWO! ON phototwine event name Elite Events WNWO Event Code: UCPWUK (see details below)

OUT:Traditional Meals & Buffets

IN: Grazing Stations or Seated Trio’s

Buffets take forever to get through and typically do not offer much for originality. Since so many guests have particular diets stay away from the one menu fits all approach opt for grazing stations which keep guest mingling and enjoying several different food experiences throughout the evening Or if you want to have a formal seating experience offer a Trio so that all guests have choices and you do not have to track their food preferences.

OUT: Large Bridal Parties Dressed in Traditional Bridesmaids dresses

IN: Intimate Groups Coordinated to Express Who They Are

We have seen the horrors of a bridesmaid on an ego trip one too many times before. The more members in your bridal party, the more opinions and people you are expected to please. Your wedding shouldn’t be about your entourage but those who truly know, love and are willing to support you. Helpful hint: Let them select a dress or an outfit that coordinates with your event but reflects who they are as a person. We are in love with this new look.

Out: The“Isle Moment”

In: The 1st Look

Instead of seeing each other for the first time at the altar, have a big reveal before hand with just you two and your photographer. A few of the leading photographers in the area will not even shoot your wedding if you are not having a first look. We love it because it gives the couple all the time they need to say what they want privately and not feel rushed trying to squeeze photos into a small time slot after the wedding.

Photos by: Considering Lilies Photography

OUT: Standard Ceremony Set Up with Ushers and Program Attendants

 IN: Circular ceremony seats with pathways

Recite your vows literally surrounded by your friends and
family using a circular floor plan. Instead of spending time and money on
programs save some trees! As your guests arrive make them laugh cry and learn
about your special ceremony through signage on a path that leads them to the
ceremony. The last sign can say “As two families become one, choose a seat not
a side”

OUT: Themes or Colors

IN: A Coordinated Experience

No more Tropical themed weddings or All Pink & Black decorations. Instead choose a color palate that compliments your surroundings and you. Your guests shouldn’t have to choke down your favorite colors which clash with the building or look at every little detail you have in a zebra theme, instead Have custom baked goods in black and white and accent a zebra pattern on a few Or if you have to use hot pink don’t force your attendants to wear it and your guests to eat off of it. Decorate with Neutrals then accent your color with up lighting to make a classy but BIG statement everyone will love.

OUT: Typical Wedding DJ and Music

IN: Club Dj or Cover Bands

Of course you want all of your guests to feel comfortable on the dance floor, but I am sure everyone is tired of dancing to Sweet Caroline, Shout and The way you look tonight. Have a Dj that can spin and add remixes to the same old same old. When its time to take it up a notch the DJ will kick it up into a club setting which makes everyone feel comfortable
and want to break it down.

If your not a fan of Dj’s hire a cover band that will keep things lively and fun! Make sure you are picky on the band and have heard them play a few times, you want them to look like a part of your event and play what your comfortable with.

Staying organized this Holiday Season ~as seen on WNWO

Under cover Holiday Messes and Distresses

When you are hosting a holiday party friends and family bring with them wonderful things like: smiles and gifts. They also bring not so wonderful things like: slushy muddy shoes and hats and scarves. After you have spent so much time preparing your home for the holiday party the last thing you want to do is find mud stains on your carpet the next day or make your guests feel uncomfortable taking their shoes off outside. Our solution is to:

  • Extend your entrance way by laying holiday mats end to end inside your home to protect your floors from muddy shoes as guests step through the door.

elite events toledo DIY entrance Mat

Make it easy ro accommodate the extra traffic in your home around the holidays.  Use baskets to store visitors hats and gloves.

  • These festive baskets can be placed at the floor of your coat closet for all of your guests hats and gloves

Another undercover holiday mess is wrapping paper and decoration. During the Holidays your house looks festive and fun but when the holiday has past, how do you safely store your items so that you can reuse them for years to come?

I like to collect ribbons, boxes and wrapping paper throughout the year and even try to reuse many of the same items time and again but storing them took up way to much closet space. This gift wrapping hanging organizer was the perfect solution, now items that used to take up a good portion of my closet fit inside this organizer.

Everyone receives delicate ornaments as gifts and they usually all come inside individually wrapped boxes that can take up lots of space. This ornament organizer safely stores and protects ornaments and is easy to store.

elite events toledo ornament organizer