Ashlee & Matt~Sneek Peek!

When I started thinking about what to write in this post, I was not exactly sure where to start. This wedding was one of my favorites so far. Being apart of Ashlee and Matts wedding was like hanging out with a bunch of friends……. It was fun, easy and lots of laughs! They had the perfect wedding!
Stacy & I headed down to St. Pete beach Florida on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday Morning. Wednesday we assisted the bride and groom with putting together welcome bags, Thursday we confirmed all details with vendors, conducted the rehearsal, then had the rehearsal dinner. Friday was WEDDING DAY, and Saturday we rewarded our self with some fun in the sun time along with massage and facials, for a job well done!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, in the 80′s and slightly breezy. The ceremony was at 6:00pm so Matt and Ashlee decided to do pictures before hand, this allowed them to enjoy cocktail hour with the rest of their guests. The hotel and setting was magnificent. The reception area overlooked the ceremony, which was located right on the beach. Might I add I loved being able to do my job barefoot :) Food was fabulous, music was great and the guests could not have been more fun. We went there as their wedding planners and left feeling like friends:) Jamie & Aaron from Considering Lilies Photography did a fantastic job, and I cant wait to see the photos. You know you did a job well done when passer buyers were asking for your business card :) YAY! I cant take all of the credit of everything, the colors were Ashlee’s vision, we just made it happen! If I don’t say so myself the yellow did look amazing! Thank you to all of the FABULOUS vendors that made my vision a reality!

Events in Bloom
A Tailored Event
Tradewinds Island Grand
Linens by the Sea
Grant Hemond -Jude
Considering Lilies Photography

I can’t wait until the reception back in Ohio, it will be so nice to see everyone again!
I’m no professional photographer, but here are a few photos that I took. (maybe some of my photography friends can give me some lessons with my new camera :) ?)
I cant wait to see the photos that Jamie & Aaron took! I am sure that they are going to be fabulous!

Inspirationally Yours,


One thought on “Ashlee & Matt~Sneek Peek!

  1. Stacy

    Fabulous wedding! Great people, and we had a ton of fun! Our photography skills aren't that bad..I think these photos are fabulous. :) Love our jobs!


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