A reflection on 2013 what a year!

I can’t believe another year has come and gone! What an amazing year it has been!!!!

I have achieved an ultimate goal of mine in January 2013 of having my very own store front  1113 Adams street! It is my dream space! While it could be a little larger lol it’s fabulous and was meant to be! Maybe 2013 was so great because our address is 1113!!!While it was incredibly scary it was also beyond rewarding. I have established an incredible team of girls that have such a passion and dedication for events it’s remarkable, and I have had the sincere pleasure of working with so many wonderful people and organizations over the past year I am truly honored.

Our floral division has taken off and Sharon Johnson has been such a wonderful addition to our team, we all just love her. We successfully designed, planned and coordinated more events this year than any year in the past including the library’s 175th anniversary gala which was a huge honor for the city.

In the past I’ve kept things strictly business when it come to posts and social media sharing, not wanting to accept credit for my own doings in fear of what others may think. Well this year is going to be different! I’m going to get personal and I’m  not going to be afraid of what others may think because frankly, I don’t care anymore.  I have worked my butt off the last 4.5 years and I deserve it!! That’s right I have finally said it and put it out there, I NiKkI deserve it! It has been one  hell of a struggle and I have made it! And for that I am celebrating. Not only am I a business owner, a designer, a coordinator a manager I am a wife and a MoM to a 4 year old beautiful daughter that keeps be insanely busy! SO on top of how crazy busy I have been professionally I have also managed to keep my husband and daughter happy and most  importantly myself! The last few months I’ve made it back into the gym, I learned how to say NO! Which is HUGE! I am such a people pleaser I finally realized that I was spending so much time making other people happy that I just would run myself into the ground! Well no more! I have also decided: get ready for this one! ” other peoples lack of urgency and lack of proper planning and better yet listening to my advice does not constitute an emergency on my behalf!” This year has truly been an eye opener! I have faced many  bumps along the way and together with my loving family and terrific staff we have made it through on top!

Did if I mention 2 of the EE girls including Kati my right hand woman had babies in the middle of wedding season!!! Yes Kati actually had her baby in June  on Sarah and Chris’s wedding day!!! I’m grateful to have made it through this wedding season and thankful to Melissa and Laurie and Megan Warner who stepped up an gave this season their all!!! Megan Meisler, girl you were my saving grace for faith and Jeff’s weddings you and Laurie were amazing!


I have learned to TRUST in my girls and for me TRUST is big! I am so unbelievable honored to be starting 2014 with all of you.


To my clients, THANK YOU for trusting in us, we work our butts off day in and day out for you so thank you for TRUSTING us!!! To the fabulous wedding professionals that refer us time and time again, ( you know who you are) THANK YOU! I know it goes without saying but I am honored to call you my friend and am honored to work with you all, time and time again!!! You understand the importance of TEAM work and together WE make great things happen!!! xoxoxoox

it’s going to be hard to top 2013. But being the goal setter that I am you better know I am going to try my ass off! My goal for 2014 is to be better organized personally! While my business Is pretty organized I tend to let my personal organization go. My other goal is to have some of my girls take on more of their own events, yes that’s right! They have deserved it and frankly so have I! It’s rather exciting!!!! I’m looking forward to several events that we have planned for this year as well as making memories with my family!!!!

Ending 2013 with a bang, today on the day of what would have  been my mothers 58th birthday I got a text from faith one of my sweet clients with photos of not one but 3 of our weddings that are featured in the knot!!! Faith and Jeff’s have a 4 page spread!!!!! If you remember Faith an Jeff’s wedding it was amazing!!! And if you don’t remember you can check it out in the knot in January! What a great day to receive such amazing news! I miss my mom like crazy and often wonder why she would have thought about my path in life.


2014 is about surrounding myself with POSITIVE people who want to work TOGETHER to make a difference! It’s not about competition and negativity, I don’t have the time for that! It’s about LOVE, hardwork, dedication, trust and gratitude! Happy 2014 everyone! Xoxoxo I I look forward to sharing my ups and downs with you!






Inspirationally Yours,


One thought on “A reflection on 2013 what a year!

  1. michelle rauch

    It truly is refreshing to see you reflect in that way, truthfully! We all know the struggles behind owning our own business, trying to balance personal , kids, house, and our wellness. I think it’s time you do toot your pen horn . Your accomplishments are huge and I am very proud of you!


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