A Classy Country Engagement

Let me just say I LOVE it when a couple comes to me with unique ideas for their wedding. It is always refreshing to sit and listen to their story on how they met, when they fell in love and what they are envisioning for their big day :) Katie and David are a super sweet couple. From the moment I met them I knew we were going to work FABULOUSLY together. Katie and David had a distinct vision for their big day “Classy Country”. Well if they asked for classy country, that what they are going to get! I am super pumped about their venue for starts! It does not get any better then a wedding ceremony in the middle of an apple orchard and a reception in a rustic barn! With this being said their engagement photos could not have been any cuter! Thanks JP for the referral and BRAVO yet again for these killer photos! I am so excited for all of our events that we have together this coming year.
Now I’d like to introduce you to my lovely couple

Katie & David

How absolutely stunning is this Ring? Right! Hello Bling! David actually custom designed this ring especially for Katie! One lucky girl :)

Here is a peek into their mood board that we created for them!

Inspirationally Yours,


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