8 Easy Ways to Prevent Wedding Insanity

With the wedding season in full approach we came across this article that was completely appropriate for all you brides out there. Check out these great tips from The Knot.

Let’s not beat around the bush: planning a wedding is work. With all those  decisions and responsibilities, it’s easy to see how some brides and grooms get  completely consumed in the minutiae. So how do stressed-out, site-seeing,  menu-sampling couples get their eyes back on the ball? By taking a breather from  the planning process. Get ready to clear your schedules and forget about picking  the favors-the following list of eight stress-breaking activities will help you  remove yourselves from nuptial hassles and restore your sanity.

1. Declare a wedding-free weekend.

For a full 48-hour period, pretend  you’re the two people you were before you got engaged (and, in the meantime,  remind yourselves of why you wanted to get married to each other in the first  place). No wedding planning or fighting allowed! No talk of hors d’oeuvres,  seating charts, or first dance songs. Hang out, laugh, have fun, and flirt with  each other for a change.

2. Have a night out with the girls (or boys).

With all the  “togetherness” of being a future bride and groom, remind yourselves you’re  individuals too. Book a night out with your respective same-sex posse (again, no  wedding talk). Hit the town like a swinging single and stay out past midnight.  Take advantage of the fact that your future spouse isn’t around to do something  with your friends he or she doesn’t like to do — we’re talking chick flick,  batting cages, steak dinner, manicures. Then entertain each other the next day  with tales of your exploits.

3. Go on a fancy date.

Chances are, for the past few months you’ve been  scrimping and saving every extra nickel to supplement The Budget. If you’ve done  well, reward yourselves for your miserly skills by spending a little of that  cold hard cash. Book a table at the fanciest restaurant in town and go for the  full monty: fine wine, appetizer, entree, dessert, and after-dinner drinks.  Afterward, stop in a local jazz club and catch a torch singer belting out  inspiring tunes de l’amour.

4. Take a drive.

Reserve a weekend afternoon and head for the open road.  Check out that little place a couple of towns over that you always mean to  visit. Test each other’s map-reading skills. Play road games like, Who Can Spot  the Most Out-of-State License Plates? Sing along to cheesy songs on the radio.  Buy a souvenir at a highway truck stop. Stumble upon a romantic restaurant for  lunch or dinner before heading home.

5. Mastermind a movie marathon.

There’s nothing like a good movie to  transport you from reality to fantasy. Take the phone off the hook, rent a whole  slew of films, and spend an evening in, snacking on popcorn and Sno-Caps. The  trick here is to stay away from wedding-theme fare — sorry, this includes Father of the Bride — while keeping the romance theme going with a  steamy story like The Lover. Or opt for the comic relief of a Jim Carrey  or Eddie Murphy flick — laughter, after all, is still the best stress reliever.

6. Get in some game play.

Sometimes a little healthy competition serves  to make you closer, right? Challenge your mate to a night of games: Pictionary,  Scrabble, backgammon, even good old cards. If you own a Sony PlayStation 2, take  the high-tech road to fun. Rather venture out? Head for the nearest bowling  alley — or look into go-carts, ice-skating, and tennis tournaments for other  fun and sporty activities to enjoy a deux.

7. Revert to childhood.

There’s nothing like a good amusement park to  get you feeling like a kid again. Wake up extra early to avoid long lines, then  get your fill of roller coasters, log flumes, and Ferris wheels. Challenge your  future mate to a bumper car race. Fill up on cotton candy, funnel cake, and  waffle cones. Take an old-fashioned photo. Then spend an hour or so trying to  win a supersize stuffed animal to take home as a memento of the day.

8. Engage in an eat-a-thon.

If you both love to cook, compose a special  theme menu for a romantic at-home date. Go shopping together and pick the  freshest produce around (maybe there’s a farmer’s market near you) — and  remember to include some aphrodisiac ingredients! Nab a bouquet and some candles  to pretty up your table while you’re at it. Once at home, take time to really  enjoy the meal prep process. Line up all your ingredients on the countertop and  open a bottle of wine. And take lots of liberties when it comes to recipes — nothing’s better than creating signature dishes together.

— The Knot

Read more:  Stress: 8 Easy Ways to Prevent Wedding InsanityTheKnot.com - http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/planning-a-wedding/articles/8-easy-ways-to-prevent-wedding-stress.aspx#ixzz1vipEb6YM

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