2014 Ultimate Wedding Inspiration Collection – Day 16


There are always new trends coming and going when it comes to centerpieces, when I saw these I have to say it was Love at first sight.

What I love about it:
Adding drama and interest to your table
Defiantly something your guests will be talking about therefore it creates conversations
Non obstructive, your guests will not have any problem conversing at the table
They are just Beautiful!!!

Suspended centerpieces can be achieved several ways.  You can use blooming branches similar to what is shown here which gives a beautiful effect.  You can use a large grouping of flowers, or perhaps individual blooms.  Candles are also beautiful suspended in glass containers.  Creating a grouping of flowers also simulates a floral chandelier which can be very elegant.

Thing to keep in mind:

Your venue, what type of ceiling does it have? a suspended centerpiece may not be as feasible to achieve if the venue has tall ceilings.  Be sure to get approval from your venue before hanging anything from the ceiling.  Secondly, make sure you have a method to hang the arrangement.

If this is something you’d be willing to try at your event, let us know!  If you have achieved this look at your own event we would love to see pictures!!!!

2014 Ultimate Wedding Inspiration Collection

Inspirationally Yours,


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