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At Elite Events everything we do stems from asking OUR 3 C’s of Event Design

  1. How can we make this creative?
  2. Is this concept cohesive?
  3. Is Everything Cohesive

With these in mind here are a few different way on how you can use OUR 3 C’s to put a creative twist on classic wedding traditions.

1) Wedding Wands

  • Are a creative way to congratulate the Bride and Groom at the end of any wedding ceremony and a great substitute for boring birdseed, bubbles, bells & flower petals.

o They can be a cost effective DIY project, or if you are short on time ordering them is still affordable since you only need one for every other guest attending.

o Wedding Wands also keep your event cohesive since the ribbons can be made in your wedding colors, they make for great photos as well.

What you will need to Create your own wedding wand:

  • Doll Rods (can be purchased from local craft store)Keep in mind you only need 1 for every other guest attending
  • 3-4 different colors of ribbon (quantity will vary depending on the size of ribbon you select) keep in mind for the base of the wand a wider ribbon tends to cover better.
  • Glue Gun and Glue sticks
  • Thumb tacks
  • Rhinestones (for embellishment)

The steps to creating your wands are pretty simple

  • Loosely wrap your desired color ribbon around the doll rod to get a rough idea of how much ribbon you will need to cover the handle of the wand.
  • Once you have the desired length cut the ribbon from the roll
  • Place a dab of hot glue at the base of the handle to secure the ribbon.
  • Run a line of hot glue up the handle as you wrap the handle with ribbon. (keep the ribbon tight, as you do not want the ribbon to be loose around the handle)
  • As you get to the top of the handle secure the end with a final dab of glue.
  • For the streamer: Measure and cut your ribbon to the desired streamer length.
  • Stack the ribbon streamers and attach with either a dab of glue or thumb tack to the end of the doll rod.
  • When finished embellish the thumb tack with a beautiful rhinestone.

If you are short on time and are interested in purchasing our wedding wands:

Our wands are wrapped with 3-4 strands of ribbon that hang from it. There is also a rhinestone at the top of the wand where the ribbon strands are attached.

When placing the order for the wands you must choose 2 ribbon colors. If you send us swatches of your wedding colors we will try our best to match them as closely as possible.

Size – Wand stick 12″, attached ribbons 24″

Price – $3.50 per wand (minimum order – 20 wands). Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
contact Nikki@e-l-i-t-e-events.com for order placement and more information.

2) Candy Buffet Upgrade / The S’more Station

o Guests used to be wowed by the Candy Buffet as seen in this picture here

o However, with its growing popularity it’s lost its luster and is in need of an major upgrade, so we are introducing new interactive sweet stations custom designed for you and your guests.

o Here you can see is one of my favorites: The S’ mores station, offering unique recipes like: Strawberry Cheesecake, PB&J, we even have a vegan S’more. It is fun, creative and great for any event.

3) Guest Book Alternative, The Finger Print Tree *download available via out website www.eliteeventstoledo.com

  • This is a great alternative to the traditional guest book which usually ends up sitting in a drawer or lost on a shelf. The fingerprint tree is interactive, personal and a beautiful keepsake, that is more original than the guest book plates and framed pictures we’ve all seen.
  • How it works: Your guests are asked to leave their fingerprint as a leaf on your tree, if you want you can have them sign their name below for an added personal touch. When it is finished you have a fun piece of art that has a very special meaning!

How to incorporate the 3′c into your decor and wedding fashion.

4) Reusing Ceremony decor in the Reception

  • When it’s done right Ceremony decor can be an effective way to make sure every part of the event is cohesive. The key to being cost effective is versatility. Flower Poms or Pomanders are a beautiful ceremony decor and can easily be transitioned into the reception.
  • If your having an indoor ceremony you can hang the flower poms from a pew or chair. If outdoors you can use a Shepard’s hook or place the poms directly on the grass.
  • During cocktail hour move the poms into your reception and you have:

1. A statement centerpiece

2. Creative table number display

3. Or hang them over your cake table to create a fun chandelier.

5) Tux’s vs Suits

o No one wants to rent a tuxedo and look like they did at prom, but finding afforable red carpet worthy suits are hard to come by, so our friends at Ticknors inside Westfield Franklin Park have developed a wonderful program.

o For $199 (basically the same price as a tuxedo rental) your Tickoners expert will custom design & tailor suits for your entire wedding party in the right colors, textures & sizing. With their VIP program every dollar spent builds towards a store credit that can be applied for the purchase of shirts and ties or in some cases an entire suit.

o We displayed a groom and groomsmen pairing in this season most popular color grey. It works because grey can be worn year round, looks good with several colors and can be paired with new shirts and ties for a completely new look!

6) Rent the Runway

o One of our preferred vendors RENT THE RUNWAY offers high fashion rental dresses & accessories for a variety of occasions at 90% off the retail price. Every order includes 2 sizes for the price of one, to insure you have the right fit!

o The Rent The Runway Weddings division helps Brides find bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party dresses and offers a collection of exclusive bridesmaids dresses like this one from Badgley Mischka.

How it works:

o Rent the Runway also offers free stylist advice and a customer service line to help with any other questions or concerns you might have.

o Make sure to select delivery for 1-2 days before you plan on wearing it to guarantee its arrival. Returning is easy since dry cleaning, return shipping and wear and tear insurance comes with each order, they even throw in a free garment bag!

Visit our blog at www.eliteeventstoledo.com to find more information on our 3 c’s and well as information on today’s tips and trends!

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